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Here's a light sampling of articles that show why I feel like California is the least tolerant place I've lived in the U.S.

California + Intolerance : 31 items

Califascism is 800 new laws - Every law is the point where someone is saying, "do this, or else". Californians thought of >800 new laws, like Sanctuary State (you can't report criminals to the fed, if they're here illegally) (SB54), they made it illegal to ask what someone made at their last job (AB168), $225 fine for refinancing your home loan (SB2), more voter fraud with mail-in ballots (SB450), a fence around your pool isn't good enough (SB442), 12 weeks of paid parental leave (SB63), and you must wear your seatbelt while riding the bus (SB20). Without government, how would we get by?

Califascism is 1,000 new laws - Every law is the point where someone is saying, "if you do X, I will have these goons rob you, take your liberty, or kill you if you resist". Californians thought of 1,000 new laws, and a handful weren't bad -- the other 98% gave the good ones a bad name.

2019.07.18 Degenderize Berkeley.jpg
Degenderize Berkeley - As a giant waste of money, and to show intolerance for all those who disagree with the left, Berkeley decided to "degenderize" the city; doing such important things as replacing terms like 'Manhole' and 'Ombudsman' with personhole and ombudsperson (respectively). With the far left, common sense isn't common. Man is short for mankind not male, and like it or not, English is a gendered language. You can't erase a lifetime (or centuries) of language, and just re-invent it every time it doesn't fit the latest leftist political fad. And what do you do when people don't go along? Let the beatings commence in the name of tolerance! Trying to make her=them and black=white makes the language less precise (it removes information) and it is awkward in far more examples than it helps. But it makes intolerance SJW's feel better about their cause: intolerance. The purpose of this is to draw attention to anyone who doesn't go along with the charade, so they can be bullied. Never forget the purpose is not inclusion, it is exclusion.

Eminent Domain - LA tries to seize Apartments where the owner might raise the rent to market value. Basically, they are using a politician created housing "crisis" as an excuse to use eminent domain, to seize a property from the owner. They keep using terms like, "fair market value", while pointing out fair is when the owner agrees to sell at what price he thinks it is worth -- fair is not the city takes it and pays what they think it is worth. But try to explain that to jack-booted progressives.

Arizona SB-1070 - In 2010 the Obama Administration was violating immigration law, the Constitution, and the oath of office, by ignoring or being lax on immigration. So Arizona passed a law that said they should enforce federal law (that the Obama administration wouldn't), called SB-1070. Democrats and Californian's lost their nut... how dare a state enforce federal law, they said. They called it racist, sexist, xenophovic and homophobic, along with other words they obviously don't know the meaning of.... only California had the same law on their books.

Breaking Bad: California vs. the Other States - Here’s a depressing but documented comparison of California's taxes, economic and business climate.

California Coastal Commission - The CCC is what happens when community organizers run development planning: they "To protect, conserve, restore, and enhance the environment of the California coastline" by obstructing development and improvement of one of our countries great resources, saving it from humanity and the usefulness it might have to individuals or our country. Good for the locals who don't want to share. Bad for everyone who isn't already there. It's what tolerance looks like in California.

California Guns - A few coastal Californians are ignorant of guns, and thus hate them, and if they don't like/want them, then nobody can have them. They will use any technique to harass legal gun owners, and violate the second amendment, lose in court, then imagine up new (and impossible or expensive to comply with) laws to harass the gun owners -- knowing it'll take 5-10 years to get that bad law repealed. In the name of tolerance, and carrying the false flag of "reasonable" gun laws. Their idea of reasonable gun laws include:
    • They invented a "roster" of approved guns, to charge gun makers exorbitant fees (to get and stay on), it requires custom versions that offer no added value, and every minor variant requires re-qualification (even changing the color). The results of the roster were many guns (newer, better and safer) couldn't be easily gotten, unless you were law enforcement (or given to you by your parent/child). Which means Californians can get off-roster guns, from cops acting as gun runners for a 50%+ premium
    • Microstamping - since some guns were still compliant with the roster, California added a new impossible to comply with requirement that you had to add tiny (easily defeat-able) serial numbers on the firing pins, to stamp every bullet casing. Even revolvers (which don't eject shells). The technology to do this doesn't exist, and the California Supreme Court ruled, "the inability to comply with the law is no excuse to repeal it". Seriously. That's California in a hypo-allergenic nutshell. The result? No pistols has been added to the roster since 2013, and these kinds of legislative gymnastics are not considered to be hampering the rights of gun owners? If you tried to put 1/10th those restrictions on illegal immigrants voting or getting taxpayer subsidies (welfare), and Californians would scream bloody murder about suppression.
    • They tried to outlaw lead ammo, to drive up costs -- but that was ruled against.
    • So they require a background check to get ammo: which made a black market for running it from other states.
    • They say you can't have gun shops, or own/carry a gun, within 1500' or within sight of a school.
    • They re-label standard pistols carried by cops and civilians as an assault weapons (more than 9 rounds).
    • You can't transport a weapon legally, if your car has fold-down seats, since that means the gun is accessible from the drivers compartment.
    • If you have the magazine loaded in the glovebox, and the gun locked in the trunk, it's considered a loaded gun, because the magazine is a piece of the gun, and it has bullets in it.
    • California Gunpocolypse - In 2016, California passed many gun-grabbers dream laws: phased in tyranny over the next couple years. If you want to know why gun advocates have a problem with "reasonable" gun laws, you have to look no further than California, and their legislators versions of "reasonable". Not one of these new laws will help in shooting or mass shootings in any way, or gun safety, they only show raw, naked contempt for gun owners and the second amendment, in ways that will hurt the innocent, waste millions of dollars in legal fights, and eventually lose. But that doesn't slow them down from passing them. And that's why the NRA exists, and informed gun owners have contempt for what sounds reasonable to the uninformed.

California Resistance - Hillary Clinton was a rape facilitator, who attacked victims of sexual assault, was the most corrupt Candidate in my lifetime, got caught colluding with the Russians, and the Media, to rig an election, her campaign was paying people to assault the other candidates supporters, broke out national security laws and was let off by a corrupt FBI (claiming she was too incompetent to be held accountable), and was a divisive shrew. None of that matters, to them. Instead of having the good grace or manners to shut up and accept the loss, or recognize the flaws in their candidate (or policies), they lead a "resist" movement, to resist Democracy when they don't get their way. They'll belittle, demean and attack (verbally or physically) anyone that disagrees with them, in the name of tolerance. California is where, "Punch a Nazi in the face!" meets "everyone I don't like is Hitler!".

California Tax Priority - California doesn't have a highway shortfall -- from 1984-2012, the capital spending for roads and bridges rose nearly three times the inflation rate. What happens is that to little of the money spent is spent on the right thing or in the right way. About 20% of all monies from the highway trust fund were diverted to finance pet projects that have nothing to do with road maintenance (mass transit, bike paths, high speed rail, and so on), which are used by less than 5% of the population. So they raise gas taxes to make up for the fact that they can't manage their money well, and gullible voters buy in. Things like that are why California is such an expensive state to live in.

California Tax Tyranny - California had a problem with fascists tax-and-spend progressives -- so the public rebelled and made it required that politicians could only do major tax increases via the will of the people (they had to referendum things), and that these required supermajority (2/3rds) and not a simple majority. Since the state is run by Democrats (statists), they appointed enough statist (leftist) Judges to just ignore the law as written, and make court rulings saying that a supermajority wasn't necessary any more if the tax was initiated by a special interest instead of by the government itself. Since the left collaborates between their special interest and their legislators, this is a distinction without a difference and guarantees the people be burdened more without the process they are due.

California and CCW - California, or at least many counties in it, ignore the spirit and letter or the law with impunity. They pick who can get a CCW based on their political contributions, and not the worthiness of the application. The State Legislature will do nothing about this. They've lost and fought lawsuits over it, and don't seem to care about the rights of their civilians.

Curley Effect.jpg
Curley Effect - James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used wasteful redistribution to his poor Irish constituents to buy votes, while he used incendiary rhetoric/policies to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor. Boston stagnated, the people suffered, but the chickens kept voting for Colonel Sanders (e.g. Curley kept winning elections). The Curley effect is inefficient redistributive policies pushed by incumbent politicians to shape the electorate through emigration of their opponents or reinforcement of class identities. In other words, California (and the lefts) political model.

Eric McCormack - Will, of Will and Grace, the once mildly entertaining, later obnoxiously sanctimonious show about a Gay Lawyer (Modern Ricky, er Will) and his incompetent/bumbling friend (Lucy... er, Grace), and how they do stupid things together. It was considered groundbreaking for having a the straightest Gay semi-Lead character in a TV show, played by a straight actor. At some point in his life, Eric decided that pretending to be interesting wasn't enough meaning, so he had to conservative hating asshat, and said that he didn't want any intellectual diversity on his show. (No Conservatives). And also that anyone that donates to conservatives should be outted/doxxed and harassed. Basically, he wants to bring back Hollywood blacklists. (Debrah Messing, his co-star also took the fascist side).

Gender Neutral Toy Stores -
If it wasn't for California, who would protect you from boys and girl departments? In the latest round of dumb-fuckery and failing to mind your own business, California legislators are passing a law to stop segregating their children’s products aisles by gender. They consider this non-inclusive to the .02% of the population that's gender ambiguous. Of course anyone with a triple digit IQ knows that they might find the simple organization of trucks on one side, and pink unicorns on the other a little helpful as well. But nope, we gotta fix that, because California bureaucrats think they know more about how a toy store should be run than the people running them, or than the consumers buying from them.

Hunting is conservation - Places that allow hunting have a vested (financial) interest in protecting wildlife, and the hunting licenses pay for that protection. In one of those not-shocking unintended consequences: hunters care about the outdoors, and pay a ton for access to forests and the tasty animals they take out. For licensing and through taxes/fees, they end up subsidizing state and national parks (according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, they pay for most). So places like California (and their intolerance towards guns and hunters), undercuts the public lands (State/National Parks) that their environmental extremists claim to love. Which shows they're either ignorant, or they just love telling other people what to do more than they care about the environment.

Jesus Fucking Christ - There was a comment that Democrats are "learning" to hate God, and that's a danger to them both morally and politically. But it's much worse than that. The party of identity politics (that divides us for votes) has not come to this behavior recently. They decided long ago, that if the establishment believes X, it must be wrong (unless they're the establishment). And the other side is worthy of contempt and mocking, while proclaiming their sides superior tolerance, political correctness and respect. And nothing demonstrates this more than the Hunky Jesus Contest.

Memes-Straws - Few things demonstrate ignorance based virtue signaling, with counter-productive anti-science initiatives like Straw Bans.

Outlawing Car Repairs - Sacramento County says it's illegal to work on your own car, in your own garage!?!? WTF. This was over the County bullying a guy for working on his car, so you can't even pretend is just an old/stale law, as they are still fining based on it.

People v. Turner -
People v. Turner shows everything that's wrong with SJW's, Snowflakes, and Californias mob rule (but I repeat myself). The TL:DR version: Brock Turner (a white, male, Student Athlete at Stanford) and an unnamed girl, got completely and intentionally drunk, where she went voluntarily behind a dumpster, and they made out and he fingered her and dry humped her, but she passed out and he left her there. And some students tackled him and claimed he'd raped her. Because he was white, male and student athlete, he was accused of sexual assault (or mis-stated as rape). Brock "only" got 6 months Prison time... and 3 years probation, and a scarlet letter of forever being labelled a sex offender, exactly as the Parole Board suggested. The mob of SJW's was outraged: examples must be made! The penalty for drunken poor judgement should be death for men... and for Women? They own no responsibility for their actions. When both are drunk and make bad decisions, the privileged white male is always at fault! (Think of the last time you heard a woman charged for rape by the guy?) The mob blamed the Judge for following the state's guidelines, and he was recalled and ruined as well.

Plastic Bag Bans - Plastic Bag Bans are Anti-Science so the left loves them. Here's what we know: paper bags are worse, many people just buy their own plastic bags (which are thicker and worse), and if you replace plastic bags with cloth bags, then you increase diseases/illness (it is shown that food born illnesses went up after bag bans). It takes between 131 - 20,000 uses of cloth bags before you hit environemntal break-even on a single cloth bag (double that if you recycle them). But to reduce disease, you're supposed to wash them after every use: which means that they use more energy than plastic, and die after ≈50 washes so can never hit environmental break-even. So going to reusable bags is bad for the environment, it's bad for people (sickness), and it's bad for liberty: which is why the left loves it so. It teaches conformity over common sense.

Redacted High School - In San Francisco's George Washington High School, the board voted to remove the mural of their namesake, painted in 1936 by artist Victor Arnautoff (Trotskyite), because it was visually offensive. The 80 year old mural has survived great earthquakes, riots, vagrants, and all the other natural disasters, but it can't stand up to the California Taliban which finds the historical image of George Washington at Mt. Vernon (with slaves), too historically accurate for them to bare. And because it is SF, it is going to cost upwards of $825,000 to put paint to roller... after getting the required environmental impact studies. In California, spending money on teaching kids takes a back seat to political correctness and revising history.

SF Giants - Aubrey Huff, SF Giants first basemen and outfielder, and the most valuable player that brought them to 2010 World Series, publicly supported Donald Trump. For that, the Giants Management decided to NOT invite him to their reunion. (While Giants owner, Larry Baer was invited and has done things like yelling and pushing his wife over at an amusement park). Spousal abuse is a forgivable sin to the Giants, but being a Trump fan is not. This is just another case where slacktivism and California Intolerance overrode common sense and the idea that sports should be apolitical.

Sanctuary City - A sanctuary city is the idea that if someone an illegal alien and they commit many felonies (some violent), the state will not inform the Federal Government that they're in custody, and will release them into the public to avoid them getting rounded up by ICE. So it is a sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens. The state reports Americans who commit crimes to the Fed. California took it a step further and made it a State Law, which lead to a Sanctuary State Backlash : where cities are suing the state to follow federal law, and California taxpayers have to pay both sides lawyers to fight.

Seatbelt Laws -
A law is the point where you say, "people that don't agree with me, must be punished and have their rights taken away"... either with loss of property (fines/taxes), loss of freedom (imprisonment), or death (if they resist). With that in mind, now think of seatbelt laws: if you don't wear something that 80% of the time will help your safety, and 20% of the time will endanger it, we will steal your property, liberty or kill you... for your own good, of course. Does that sound like a good use of law or government authority? We know that the laws have resulted in people losing their cars, liberty or even life, either that was intended, or laws come with unintended costs.

Smoking -
Persecuting smoking and smokers is a modern witch hunt among the left, as proven by the intolerance of progressive areas (California, Oregon, Washington, NY, Mass., etc). Of course that's anti-Science. While smoking isn't healthy it's not as unhealthy as a bad genes, not exercising, bad diet, or bad attitude (stress) -- if you can regulate smoking based on public health claims then the state could regulate all those others (and some are trying. Many of the studies were fraudulent to get the laws, doubly so for the second hand smoke scares, or the false (unsupported) claims that it increases healthcare costs (they die quicker so it saves money). It was all flim-flam to allow the anti-liberty fascists to tell us what to do with our bodies, in our property, "for our own good".

Stem Cell Research - 2001 medical ethicists had looked at fetal stem cell research (from fetus's) and decided that using already harvested fetal strains (60 of them) was not furthering harm, but harvesting future embryos was more ethically questionable. They also predicted we were running into limits of value with this research, so it was unneeded. George Bush was the first President to allow the fed to fund fetal stem cell research, based on those ethical guidelines. The left went nuts, ignored the science, made this into a wedge issue (like they do for abortion). Since California saw no problem with harvesting humans for their cellular material (humans are the property of the state), they passed prop 71 to force taxpayers to subsidize the killing and harvesting of babies for research: fuck religious liberty. Within a few years researchers had get stem cells that not only didn't have the moral issues, but were cheaper and better, and most breakthru's in stem cell research have come from outside California's abortion harvesting efforts. But California taxpayers are still on the hook to subsidize this inferior research, because Fuck Bush, Fuck Christian Values, and Fuck Ethics! That's why!

Straw Bans - Few things demonstrate ignorance based virtue signaling, with counter-productive consequences like Straw Bans. So naturally places like California are leading the charge (SF is even banning cocktail sticks): this is Anti-Science. Remember the basics: 10 rivers (8 in Asia, the other 2 in Africa) are responsible for 95% of the plastic pollution in the Oceans. 5% is split between the continents of Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. Brazil is the worst country among the rest (the U.S. is 20th). Straws in the U.S., with high estimates is something like 0.002% of the problem. So if straws were 100 times bigger problem in the U.S. than they actually are, it would still round to 0 and statistically irrelevant. So virtue signaling is not only distracting from bigger problems, it teaches contempt for the law.

Travel Bans - 🙄 Californians try to bully places and show they're the biggest hypocrites with travel ban. So while oral sex is still outlawed in many cities in California (like SF), they issue laws like [AB 1887] (or a travel ban) to states that have lesser laws against LGBTQ or religious liberty that they don't like. In the mean time, they don't have travel bans to countries that have torture or capital punishment for LGBTQ's, or the religion that fosters those laws (Islam). I'd ask them if Texas should ban travel to California because of their unconstitutional persecution of gun owners, their racist position on affirmative action in college admittance, or their violation of federal immigration laws (Sanctuary State)? But the preachy hypocrites just get apoplectic if anyone reflects their moral righteousness back at them.

UCSC to destroy liberty bells - University of California, Santa Cruz will remove a major historical artifact from campus. The El Camino Mission Bells were put there in 1906 to highlight the path of the 21 California Missions, and the “Spanish Mission” bells that were used between 1769 and 1833, were one of the anchors. Of course some of the California Taliban crybullied the UC system into removing them because history hurts their feelings. In California, spending money on teaching kids takes a back seat to political correctness and altering history.

Unlicensed Popcorn - If it wasn't for California Government, who would protect you from unsanctioned popcorn? Seriously, they harassed a local hardware store for offering free popcorn for 25 years. That's what California spends their tax dollars and police resources on.


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The land of intolerance, hypocrisy and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that has come to exemplify the Golden State. (NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.)