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In 2016, California passed many gun-grabbers dream laws: phased in tyranny over the next couple years. If you want to know why gun advocates have a problem with "reasonable" gun laws, you have to look no further than California, and their legislators versions of "reasonable". Not one of these new laws will help in shooting or mass shootings in any way, or gun safety, they only show raw, naked contempt for gun owners and the second amendment, in ways that will hurt the innocent, waste millions of dollars in legal fights, and eventually lose. But that doesn't slow them down from passing them. And that's why the NRA exists, and informed gun owners have contempt for what sounds reasonable to the uninformed.

What is reasonable when it comes to gun laws? I explain what it takes to be compliant with a few gun laws so that readers can decide how reasonable these laws are. Now I'm not a lawyer, and I don't play one on TV, so don't take this as legal advice. But these are just a small sampling of the 20,000: local, state and national gun control laws that every owner must know and comply with, under the legal concept of Ignorantia juris non excusat (Ignorance of the law is no excuse). The penalty for infraction is often a felony conviction, ruination and loss of gun rights by hyper-aggressive DA's who hate guns or want to get elected to higher office on the fraud that they're helping public safety. Or worse, the laws aren't enforced and teach both sides contempt for them. If any of these laws seem silly, annoying, or ineffective, you will begin to understand why gun-advocates mock and resist “reasonable gun control” and the legislators who create them.
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California Gunpocolypse


🤪 Unreasonable
Gunpocolypse was a leftist fantasy of gun control laws: Bullet buttons were a way around California's no "removable magazine" laws: outlawed. No loaning of guns. Falsely reporting a lost or stolen firearm is not a high crime. Background checks for ammo purchases. Bans >10 round magazines. No Ghost guns. One gun purchase per month. Can accuse anyone and take away their gun rights. Not one of these new laws would have helped in the last couple dozen mass shootings (or arguable any, ever). They are all imaginative ways to torture legal gun owners, under the premise that it'll help against random mass murders, but there's no evidence of that. Most of the laws were gotten around before they were enacted: like bullet buttons, just made a different mechanism. Ammo-purchase, got people to buy and store in bulk (and stock up). >10 rounds was defeated in court. Ghost guns are never used in crime, and there's zero reporting compliance. So these fascist hysterics did nothing but polarize the gun owners against the law makers.

Gunpocolypse: what is it?

In the wake of:

  • mass murders in Turkey, and Bangladesh, two places that virtually outlaw private gun ownership
  • in honor of the 4 biggest mass murders being in strict gun control countries like Norway (77/319), Russia (385/783) , India (164/308) or France (130/368)
  • and to celebrate our 4th of July liberties and freedom from the U.K. (when they tried to take away our guns and we fought back? Remember, Paul Revere's ride was "the British are coming... to take your guns." And that triggered the revolutionary war.

Commiefornia and Governor Moonbeam just signed what has been nicknamed the "Gunpocolypse": 6 bad laws that serve absolutely no purpose but to annoy legal gun owners, will be challenged in court (wasting millions of dollars), will be abused to turn legal gun owners into criminals, will encourage far more new crime than they will do anything to help against, and will polarize us as people. But other than that, great job.

Here's a list of what they are, and why the informed are incensed:

(1) Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880 - no bullet buttons

NON-AUTOMATIC black-plastic hunting rifles (AR-15's) were used in about 50 of the 30,000 gun deaths a year (despite being the most popular hunting and sporting platform). California promised that last laws we'd ever need were the ones a few years ago limiting magazine sizes to 10 rounds and requiring a "tool" to remove magazines. Until these bills a few years later. (Proving you can never trust gun-controllers promises).

In response to "tools required" laws, there were a few different families of solution created almost immediately:

  1. required that you use the tip of a bullet (tool) or a little pointy thing you wore on a bungee-ring on your finger, to remove the magazine (the "bullet button"). And you could pop on a magnet, or screw on a button to defeat it, when in a free State, or on a shooting spree (if you were too lazy to replace the part, which is another 30 seconds)
  2. the other solution was you mount a shroud that blocks you from removing the magazine making it only top-load only, or you had to open the weapon (a fraction of a second process) to pop-out the magazine (which is annoying as hell for sport shooters). The criminals (like San Bernardino shooter) just replace that one part with a functioning magazine release, which takes about 30 seconds -- or the part came with a set screw to activate and deactivate it (in case you visited a free state). 6 turns one way, and it was legal, the other and it was functional.
  3. Featureless build. Basically, if it doesn't have a pistol grip, and a few other mean looking parts, it doesn't qualify. Lots of people changed the grip/stock, and get around it that way: with absolutely zero change in lethality or firepower.

Of course most of these guns in California made before the law, never got "fixed" are illegal. And criminals can defeat the ones that are, in about 20 seconds. The law succeeded at nothing, because gun controllers are ignorant about guns and their operation, but sure that they can make the world a better place through bad laws.

Thus California passed an even more asinine law mentioned, that says only #2 and #3 are legal, no more bullet buttons (make disassembly a require step). Thus if you're a sport shooter, or at the range, you have to push/pull a button, opening the gun, and load from the top or drop the magazine -- which is annoying as hell and messy. Bad guys will just turn a set screw and use the button to drop the mag, as God intended. But that's a huge felony, and there was at least one case where the cops changed modes to try to frame/harass someone they didn't like. Heck, in theory, cleaning a gun is now a high crime, if you do things in the wrong order is (pull bolt carrier before mag release, or else). This will be challenged in court, take years, and does nothing but annoy sport shooters.

UPDATE: It took a few hours to announce it, but the inventor of the original bullet button has already gotten around the new law. You can only release the magazine after you open the gun (considered disassembly). There will be better work arounds later. The retarded law was defeated 6 months before it goes into effect. It'll be a felony to have the wrong button on your rifle, but it's only a misdemeanor to steal that same rifle: so dumb, it burns.[1]

(2) Assembly Bill 1511- no loaning

My company has a "shooting club" where people go to the range and shoot once a month. It is not uncommon to let someone else borrow your gun so they can try out different models, or accessories/modifications. Now that's a felony. In order to do this, you have to do two background checks, (10 day waiting periods x2), two fees (x $50) and multiple trips to a gun dealer, all so they can officially borrow your gun for a few hours. This does nothing to stop or slow crime, annoys legal gun owners -- and since this law is retarded, I expect many people will not know of it, or ignore it, and we'll waste tons of time/money persecuting innocents because they let someone use their gun.

(3) Assembly Bill 1695 - falsely reporting a lost or stolen firearm is a high crime

If you falsely report lost or stolen item (mistake or on purpose) it's a misdemeanor for everything else. For a gun, it means you get your gun rights taken away for 10 years. To those that hate guns, this sounds reasonable. To those with a triple digit IQ, they realize that this means you should NEVER EVER report a gun lost or stolen: if you find you misplaced it, or someone borrowed it, then you lose your civil liberties for a decade.

The reason for this dumb idea was to stop straw-purchases. People would buy a gun for someone else, then claim it was stolen. Now that's a crime, so they won't do that. But if a gun was ever traced back to the owners (which virtually never ever happens anywhere but on TV -- as criminals don't leave $500 behind at crime scenes, and most still get their guns illegally), the straw purchaser just says, "I didn't know it was missing". No impact at all on criminals, but will force less compliance or more false punishments on non-criminals.

(4) Senate Bill 1235 - Background checks for ammo purchases

This law already failed at the federal level, and will fail to be constitutional (that's why it failed). The BATF and Treasury Dept pointed out in 1996 when morons, er, Democrat congressmen were suggesting this federal law, that "record keeping requirements for ammunition have no substantial law enforcement value". So there's no use other than annoying sport shooters and hunters, and throwing taxpayers money on litigation and harassment is a waste of time. Brown veto'd similar legislation twice before because he recognized the waste of money and harassment to legal gun owners, but it appears senility is kicking in.

Just think about the stupidity of this one for a few minutes:

(A) Ammo ("bullets" or more properly "cartridges") are unmarked, indistinguishable, untraceable, and recyclable.. You can't track them.
(B) Bad guys can use straw purchasers (like kids paying a bum to buy them beer), and it's untraceable.
(C) Driving to the next state and smuggling is now incentivized -- you created an illegal bullet trade. (It costs more to comply than it does to not-comply). And there's no way to prove where it came from. Gangs that smuggle drugs, can easily smuggle a few rounds of ammo with it.
(D) If you don't like that, you just make your own: there's machines for ≈$100 to do it.

The only thing this can do is annoy the law abiding folks who did nothing wrong. VoterID or having surgical equipment if complications arise, is undue burden -- but treating ammo like a class 3 drug isn't?

(5) Senate Bill 1446 bans >10 round magazines

Large magazines aren't used in virtually any crimes. And only people with no gun experience at all (and who watch too much TV) think this will do any good. The rest realize that you can change a magazine in under 1 second, and know that in the history of all mass shooters, only one was ever stopped during a reload (and that was he walked around a corner into someone).

So what does this do? It annoys sport shooters, and criminally classified a bunch of items that will get near zero compliance with the law. Which means you turned legal gun owners into criminals, overnight. Criminals will get these magazines out of state.

(6) But wait, there's more....

Some other worse bills that were veto'd are still being put up for referendum: as if popular stupidity makes something immoral or unconstitutional less lawless, because the people support it. The point is that laws like this don't even have to pass to do damage. The fact that an intolerant legislature, hostile to gun owners and the 2A would even write such drivel is enough to let educated gun owners know that they're under attack by enemies of the Constitution and their liberty.

  • AB 1673 - Ghost Guns
  • AB 1674 - Only one gun per month
  • AB 2607 - Expand who can claim you're a threat, and take away your gun rights
  • SB 894 - Must report lost guns within a certain time

Or else what?

The sensible remember that a law is the point where you're telling someone: "do this, or else". And when they ask "or else what", the only choices are you take away their liberty, property or life (if they resist). Thus, every law should be where the rational ask themselves, "am I willing to destroy people over non-compliance with this?" Of course loss of life is extremely rare, but rare is not never.

While I don't condone it, there will always be some people that won't obey stupid laws. And these laws aren't smart. Thus whether gun controllers are honest with themselves or not, they are saying that having the wrong button on their gun, or loaning their gun to a friend, or have 11 round magazines, is where they want to destroy people's lives over non-compliance with a stupid regulation, out of compassion and tolerance of course.

I'm sure they don't care, but here's some people's lives they will have to destroy for their cause (wasting millions on incarceration). But it's OK, it's not like they're real people if they disagree with gun-controllers "good" intentions. [2]


Next time you wonder why gun advocates will throw everything they have at something the uniformed think is "moderate and reasonable", just think of these laws. The NRA coffers are going to fill, the flexibility for what might have been more intelligent compromises is gone. Gun controllers stupidity is only surpassed by their ignorance, so their "fixes" are easily defeated, but no less annoying. And the lash, causes the backlash: and as usual, ignorant progressives (but I repeat myself), started it. They always start it.

There will never be a single crime prevented, no lives will be saved, but it'll make a great business for new illegal activities, turn otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals, and increase contempt for the law. Then the people who don't know better, will claim, "those folks resisting our 'good ideas' seem like fanatics". Turns out, if you assault someone's rights often enough, they get a little jumpy that you might be trying to do it again, and respond more and more harshly.

So the ignorant in the Bay Area and L.A. will cheer: yay 50%+1 now gets to bully the rest. The informed or oppressed rest of the state, will just shake their heads and want to weep at the idiocracy that this state has become. The rest of the nation will mock this for good reason, while jobs and people flee the state to free-America. These laws prove that you can't compromise with stupid, or you just get more stupid.


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