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One of the first pieces of data we had was on the cruise ship Diamond Princess (2020.02.01). 20% (712) of the people on board (3,711) caught COVID, and 14 died. Despite cruisers being way more elderly than average population, 18% were asymptomatic, and it had a 1.1% CFR (Case Fatality rate), not the 3.8% that China, WHO and CDC was telling people. 2 months later Fauci was still telling people the CFR was likely about 2%, when we knew it was half that for high-risk elderly people.

There were other cruise ships too: Wikipedia: 2020 coronavirus pandemic on cruise ships

  • Ruby Princess: 852 cases: 21 dead
  • Celebrity Apex: 224 cases: 0 dead
  • Costa Atlantica: 148 cases: 0 dead
  • Greg Mortimer: 128 cases: 1 dead
  • Grand Princess: 122 cases: 7 dead


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COVID Studies
Antibody tests are proving that continuing lockdown is senseless, and that we are completely being lied to about the denominator (how many total cases there are), which inflates the death rate and scares people unnecessarily. Examples: COVID Monkey Study Boston China Colorado Germany Iceland L.A. Massachusetts Miami Netherlands NY Santa Clara Theodore Roosevelt Washington