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I'm not willing to risk death just to preserver our way of life. The military is.

The shutdown was enacted under the guise that we needed to "bend the curve" and prevent a caseload surge that would overwhelm our healthcare and have millions die waiting for ventilators. What we got was the stock market to drop 30%, GDP to drop 40%[1], Trillions in debt [2], and 30%+ unemployment (including healthcare worker laid off for lack of work)[3]. The COVID Models were off by 4-10x or more, and we never neared capacity, even in the worst hit places. We had at least twice the ventilators per capita as Germany at the start and was surging manufacturing to have many times that in months. Oh, and ventilators turned out to be the worst way to treat it (with 80% dying anyways). As long as the economy was still alive and Trump might get re-elected, they are prepared to burn the whole economy down for their political ends: creating a dependency class of unemployed dependents is what they wanted all along. The most effective mitigation is the one that does the least harm, but keeps from destroying lives: the Swedish Model. The Shutdown does the most harm possible. Despite experts from top Universities saying End the Shutdown the anti-liberty left, doesn't care about the lives they're ruining.

Issue Lie Truth
COVID Shutdown The shutdowns were enacted as "14 days to flatten the curve", to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed (especially ventilators). Once enacted the far left wouldn't let the shutdown end. Millions of jobs lost, suicides, depressions. Ventilators were shown as one of the worst ways to treat COVID, so the problem wasn't a lack of them, but abuse of them. Only after conservative places (Red States) ignored the lockdowns and outperformed the progressive places (Blue States), for months, and were called Neanderthals and murders, did the fascist left have to cave. Remember, without the liberty of conservatives ignoring progressives, we'd still be locked down: despite the science showing what a bad idea they were.


COVID Shutdown : 7 items

COVID Overreach - When COVID happened, in general the left ignored the problem with the disease long (often too long) maximizing harm to their populations, then once they recognized an opportunity to seize power -- they took it. And they are usually the last to release it (and then as slowly as possible). They exercised that power in a specious and obnoxious as possible. You'll notice that most have a (D) after their name. Examples: Mills Newsom Whitmer

COVID Studies - Antibody tests are proving that continuing lockdown is senseless, and that we are completely being lied to about the denominator (how many total cases there are), which inflates the death rate and scares people unnecessarily. Examples: COVID Monkey Study Boston China Colorado Diamond Princess Germany Iceland L.A. Massachusetts Miami Netherlands NY Santa Clara Theodore Roosevelt Washington

End the Shutdown - There's a lot of people that just want to end the shutdown. Motivations vary: speeding herd immunity, not fearing the disease (looking at numbers of asymptomatic cases or death rates), just recognizing the harm to the economy, the questionable value over social distancing, or costs to people. The left screams that it could only be because others are selfish and put there agenda above old/at risk people. In psychology, this is known as projection: people accuse others of doing what they are doing. Many of those want to burn the economy down for political reasons (it fits their agenda), so they assume that others are like them and doing it for selfish reasons. But the facts are there are many informed Scientists, Economists, Epidemiologies and healthcare workers (including doctors) that think the shutdown cure is worse than the COVID disease. Those that deny the shutdown is unsustainable are denying science.

Flu Klux Klan -
The Flu Klux Klan is my joking term for the "never let an opportunity (to steal power) go to waste" crowd. They see everything through the lens of progressivism. They were the first to leap on the COVID Shutdown and will be the last to let up. While some are sincere, there are many that just want to hold the baby (economy) under water until the bubbles stop -- and as long as the economy was still alive (and Trump might get re-elected), they are prepared to burn the whole economy down for their political ends. After all, creating a dependency class of unemployed and clueless followers is what they wanted all along.

Mills on COVID - Mills handled COVID like any leftist asshat: she locked down the whole state if any part showed a case -- not out of need or science, but as a show of solidarity at ruining the economy and hurting small business. This of course led to backlash and protests by businesses that didn't want to be destroyed, despite few cases of COVID.

People will die -
❝ All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone. ❞

Some people argue that if we go outside, people will die. Yes, that's true. But is a life in a safe bubble really a life worth living?

The biggest contributors to your health, in order, are Genetics, Diet, Exercise, other habits (smoking/drinking/etc). So if you're arguing that the government can keep you locked inside your house to save you, then even bigger threats to your life would qualify too? The biggest thing government can do to save us from ourselves is Eugenics, Forced Diet and Calisthenics, and prohibition... and anyone that complains about the unconstitutionality (or healthcare costs) is arguing for those things?

Of course this is a little reductio ad absurdum (taken to an extreme) -- but that's not to misrepresent what you said, but to get you to think deeper/wider about it.

You're greasing a slippery slope there.

A shutdown or mask mandate can be unconstitutional and better for us. But there are lots of things better for us, that we choose not to do. It's called a free society, and that includes the freedom to be idiots. Healthcare is there for when we pull a Bubba ("hold my beer and watch this"), or when something bad happens because we weren't taking the safest course of action. But living a full life, precludes always making the best choices.

Polarizing the shutdown - The left believes in (a) making rules is the same as convincing people to follow them (b) destroying the economy and blaming Trump for it. So naturally, they want the shutdown to go on as long as possible, and are furious when people disagree. In a diverse society, you're going to get a diversity of followers. And the collectivists want to guilt, shame, attack and henpeck those not following what they want, to get them in line. If they have to exaggerate what's happening to guilt them or feel morally superior, they will do so. (Lies of omission, commission or exaggeration all allowed). And thus you get FakeNews reports that misrepresented what happened in Newport Beach, and a leftist governor (Newsom) that used it as an opportunity to show his authority -- which caused lawsuits and protests. Good job Newsom.


Living our lives in fear is not a life much worth living. Prior generations and many people lived with more risks/fears daily. And logically, right now, we need to increase the spread to keep the under-utilized hospitals from collapsing now (or risk a bigger second wave later). (Bending the curve was never trying to stop the disease, it was just preventing overwhelming hospitals). When California-sheeple (some of the most mindless collectivists in the nation) are starting to show up to beaches against orders, you know the governors overplayed their hand and didn’t persuade well. So the shut-down is ending, like it or not. The choice will soon be, shoot/murder the people in order to save them from a 1/1000 risk (that’ll teach them), or get over your own self-importance. Let’s figure out which policies help us live with it, instead of pretending the solution is to burn the house down to kill the spider.


📚 References

The Coronavirus is named after the fact that under a microscope it looks like the surface of the sun, with lots of little protrusions and bumps. These are series of diseases, but the one everyone is talking about for now, is the Chinese (Wuhan COVID-19 for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019, or SARS-CoV-2) that's going pandemic. While the CDC, WHO and FDA all blew their response, we've never seen a more effective response to a pandemic, and the U.S. outperformed most of the world in objective metrics. But as to be expected, partisan Democrats and their media never let an opportunity go to waste: to politicize, polarize, divide and undermine the American economy and people.
Coronavirus as hate
Democrats never let an opportunity to politicize, demonize and hate go to waste. Here's a few examples where when others went high, they went low: Amy BednarzCandi CdeBacaCOVID Anti-AsianFlu Klux KlanMusk on COVID
Our "experts" and agencies that we poured billions into failed miserably at their charters. The TLA's (Three Letter Agencies) like the WHO, CDC, FDA, CIA and CCP, all blew chunks and/or lied, undermining faith in them amongst the rational. The mainstream media was an embarrassment, getting most stories wrong by taking the far left view of everything, and later being discredited and having to reverse themselves. By being the tools of the far left (DNC) and MSM, Big Tech (Social Media) was worse, censoring stories that didn't fit their agenda, and later it turning out all they did is magnify disinformation that they claimed to be protecting us from. And of course progressive's (politicians and individuals), in demanding conformity to the far left collective, managed to do more harm than COVID ever could. So what did we learn?