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Biden ran on the fallacy that he would have handled COVID better, and that Trump was wrong, despite all his excuses for why he would handle it better were either already being done or of dubious merit at best. He has promised that on Inauguration day he'll create a mask mandate for 100 days. What we know is:

  • This defies science: the bulk of scientific evidence is that Mask don't help. Places like Belguim, Peru, Spain, Italy, all had mask mandates and dramatically underperformed places with none or lackluster mandates that weren't enforced.
  • It defies logic: we already had local mandates. Why create a national one for places that aren't having outbreaks to help with places that already have local mandates?
  • Why do you think 300+ days into a pandemic that now is the time to enact a mandate? And why do you think that you know you'll only need the mandate for 100 days.

If Biden demands that I wear a Mask for 100 days, in defiance of the science, I will go mask-less or wear cheesecloth for those days. (1)... Belgium had mask mandates and death rates a few times ours. Evidence says they dont help, or are below the noise. Biden is taking politics over science a step too far. (2) If you believe the science says that a national mandate will exceed local ones, and it needs to start 300 days into a pandemic (on inauguration day) and last exactly 100 days, then you are a CNN watching COVIDIOT that doesn't know what political stunts look like. I shouldnt be forced to comply with Political stunts under the First Amendment. (3) This is not legal in a free country. How much fascism is bad... its like saying a little Japanese internment was OK, or a little rape is OK, if it is for a good cause. “It was short and quick” doesn't excuse the acts. And since when is forced marxist conformity under threat of law a “good cause”? (4) Not my President. Democrats got to claim it for 4 years.... now Republicans get to as well, for far more legitimate reasons like equal justice under the law and social justice (equality of outcome). So badfinger can fuck himself in the name of unity... #resist


📚 References

The Coronavirus is named after the fact that under a microscope it looks like the surface of the sun, with lots of little protrusions and bumps. These are series of diseases, but the one everyone is talking about for now, is the Chinese (Wuhan COVID-19 for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019, or SARS-CoV-2) that's going pandemic. While the CDC, WHO and FDA all blew their response, we've never seen a more effective response to a pandemic, and the U.S. outperformed most of the world in objective metrics. But as to be expected, partisan Democrats and their media never let an opportunity go to waste: to politicize, polarize, divide and undermine the American economy and people.
Masks for stopping COVID defies science.
  • Some bad studies claim to show through inference that masks work, because a few place had lower case loads and wore masks -- but they ignore other better reasons for fewer cases and ignore outliers that prove them wrong. Other better studies/papers contradict the efficacy (especially before the politics of COVID), and credible places call them more placebos or "talisman's" -- good for politics or confidence but little else.
  • If the cloth masks worked against COVID, then cities, states or countries with masks mandates would outperform those that didn't. You can cherry pick places that had fewer cases and mask mandates (but it's nearly impossible to isolate it to masks as the cause and not other things), and other places that were disastrous despite mask mandates (like Belgium) which proves that they are not a prime contributor to slowing the disease.
  • We know that most people that got COVID were mask wearers. (The CDC says >85%, but other studies show U.S. compliance is closer to 93% and we still had a second outbreak).
  • There is a lot of evidence that masks may actually exacerbate issues: touching, talking louder, getting closer and repeating yourself, false security, moist place for virus to survive, all contribute to increased risk, not decreases.
Joe Biden
(D) Vice President and Presidential Candidate - claimed, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". Someone's been watching too many cowboy westerns: it isn't going through a modern solid door, and you'd be breaking the law by doing it, especially if you hit someone (like the child on the other side). He went on to repeat variants of this stupidity (showing he's slow to learn). It's not all Democrat gun opinions that are wrong, it's just the 95% that give the rest a bad name.