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Bubba is the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR, turning things racial that weren't, and alienating people that otherwise might be friends and co-workers, if he wasn't such a whiney douche.

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2020.06.21 Bubba Wallace and the Noose - Wallace's team got hysterical and assumed racism because there was a "noose" in his Garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, and he's black, so racism... it must be a bigot/hate crime. CNN especially, but other FakeNews outlets did double time on sensationalizing this... only the noose was there for months, and it was just a garage door pull, and was obviously not targeting him, since they had no idea who would have that garage. Then he went on to CNN and elsewhere to claim, "it was a noose" and double-down on dumb.

2020.06.08 Confederate Flag - Bubba Wallace (NASCAR driver), whined to NASCAR to mandate the banning of displays of the Confederate flag... since this was just after George Floyd's death, the PC-Yankees that took over NASCAR caved to their token black (on June 10th), and banned the flags. Showing they don't know what the flag stands for, or their audience.

2020.05.25 Bubba and BLM - After the death of George Floyd, Wallace's was radicalized and started speaking out for BLM causes, and wearing things like a "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt, or running his all black car with "#BlackLivesMatter" added to his livery, to alienate as many white fans as possible.


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