Bob Dornan and Loretta Sanchez

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The anecdote about Bob Dornan and Loretta “Dirty" Sanchez

Illegal aliens do vote, and pretty much every other country in the world has better VoterID than the U.S. You can’t have a valid democracy, and have it subverted by non-citizens voting. The argument goes, “well they don’t vote”, then you show they do, then they claim, “well they don’t sway elections” — well the tale of Bob Dornan and Dirty Sanchez proves otherwise.

How do I know? Well it happened to be my district (46th District) in Santa Ana, California (circa 1997), and I watched the whole thing go down. So I paid a lot of attention to this. They say a Democrat is a Republican that hasn't been mugged yet. Well, this was an election mugging that happened to me.


Basically, what happened is that 4 years of Clinton were leaving Democrats weak (they were losing seats and power), and so the National DNC looked for weak Republican districts to target and try to slow the tide. They decided that Santa Ana looked like a good target. Santa Ana was an older community in the heart of Republican Controlled Orange County, and geographically in the center of OC (making it easy to commute to many places of employment). So while it had quite a few nice rich areas, it was interspersed with high density housing, packed to the gills with latinos.

Bob Dornan was the incumbent. A career politician, with a radio program: kind of aspiring to be Rush Limbaugh, but with more gaffe’s. He outted one representative, and slurred a lesbian challenger, so was hated by the gay community. He claimed he meant to call a Soviet anti-semite apologists a “betraying little Judas”, but slipped and called him a “betraying little Jew”: you can imagine how well that went over. He apologized, but he still had a reputation for being a bombast.

Along comes Loretta Brixey, a Republican from rich Los Angeles suburb of Palos Verdes Estates. She wanted to win in politics more than any ideals she had, so she switched parties and rebranded herself under her maiden name of Sanchez, as a poor working-class Latina woman, and ran a dirty campaign that had many ads and billboards basically saying, "Illegals should vote early and vote often". Being a Spanish fluent candidate, thanks to her immigrant parents, she won by 984 votes. And was quickly seated as interim victor, while the lawsuit and investigations went on.

Bob was less than impressed, and challenged the vote. California being DNC controlled wasn't going to look into it, despite obvious abuse. So he appealed to the House of Representatives, and surprise, surprise: a preliminary House investigation quickly discovered that there were 748 votes that had been cast illegally, and the INS discovered another 4,700 questionable registration affidavits that should be investigated. Considering the 984 vote margin, this should have been a slam dunk.

But the house investigation was suddenly/suspiciously dropped before these affidavits could be investigated, amidst rumors that the DNC threatened or extorted the RNC.

Remember, this is the era when the Clinton's had been using the IRS as their personal Gestapo, plus this wasn't a great fight because Bob was an obnoxious radio personality that had embarrassed the RNC, and the Republicans had retained the House by a good margin, and the party establishment didn't want a prolonged fight against the DNC (while being called racists for pointing out that the DNC had corrupted a minor election). So while Sanchez won illegally, she wasn't likely to sway many votes and was moderate for a Democrat (she was part of the Blue Dogs / Conservative Democrats, and did vote against her party a few times). Thus the Republicans let the Democrats steamroll justice.


So Loretta Sánchez career was based on voter fraud, and she was almost significant. Fortunately, her race and scandals have made her an also-ran. If Kamala Harris hadn't of been black and an anti-constitutional bitch (Loretta's opposition for sensate), then Obama would have likely endorsed Loretta instead, and she'd likely win Barbara Boxers vacated Senate Seat: but it didn't play that way. One could argue that a few scandals didn't help her case, but they never interfered with Hillary or Kamala.

Loretta helped her sister Linda win the 39th District seat. And in a pattern of professional and personal integrity, she divorced her husband Stephen Brixey after misleading her constituents on the strength of their marriage (when they had already been separated). Then pursued a relationship with a married officer John P. Einwechter, contributing to his divorce and a bit of scandal for him, as adultery is frowned on in the armed forces and amongst his Baptist bretheren. However, since Sanchez sits on both the House Armed Services and Homeland Security -- John's exit from military life into civilian one was smoothed over with a cushy job in a law firm specializing in Defense and Homeland Security issues. It benefited H&K (Heckler and Koch firearms manufacturer), and a few other companies in like circumstances, when after retaining John, they happened to win lucrative contract with DHS (Department of Homeland Security): a government entity over which Congresswoman Sanchez has critical oversight. In yet-another pay-to-play scandal for Democrats, if they had any ethics. Loretta had previously been involved in muck like when her protégé Caroline Valdez got caught using Sanchez’s House credit card to buy airline tickets and pizza/groceries for herself and a family members, as well as forging Loretta's signature to give herself a bonus, something Loretta was known to be quite generous with (since the public had to pay them).