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Blockchain is the new technology of the day. That's not to say it is useless, just that it is somewhat overhyped.

Block chain is as secure as the encryption... which is inversely related to the progress of quantum computing. Which has been progressing quite well. My understanding is that Governments, IBM and Google already have machines that could defeat our secure networks (and assumably blockchain), and thus inject false links, or remove links. And this is likely to keep coming down in price and up in capability. So what good is trust without trust?

The answer there is quantum crypto, which is coming to combat quantum de-crypto, but may be a bit further behind. If there's a huge lag, there good be a huge issue. Either way, there's potential for a lot of churn.

Blockchains distribution of a linked list (something programmers have been using for 50+ years), makes this a bit more annoying... but I think people have too much faith in the technology. I feel like inventing a slang term around a common programming technique, and selling people on the idea that it's the answer to every problem.... only I fear they wouldn't get the joke.

"bubble sort, it can organize anything"... "bubble sort, it's the future of search and AI"...

Peak Progressivism


To show how absurdly SJW trend blockchain is, there's a company founded on creating a blockchain permission slip for each stage of sexual progression. e.g. "can I touch your boob".... "yes you have permission to touch my boob". SJW's want to suck the joys out of life, like that of getting slapped in the face for overstepping or misreading signals. Nothing says romance and spontaneity like getting a permission slip, signed in triplicate, in advance of any and all sexual advances. That's hot.

I’m not a lawyer, but I doubt this has any legal value at all. When it comes to sex, someone can sign a contract saying yes, then change their mind a nano-second later. So a contract means nothing.

On the other hand, having a history of every sexual partner you have might shock your great grandchildren.This seems like the avocado toast of hookup culture.


Written 2018.01.15