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Bill Nye is the Pee Wee Herman of science, with less domain knowledge

NOTE: Even a moron can be right, and a genius can be wrong, occasionally. So I'm not a fan of trashing the source: I care about the data more than cult of personality. But still, it helps to know what you're dealing with... and if you're dealing with a pathological idiot or liar, then it does give you a baseline for skepticism. This is the baseline for understanding Bill Nye.

Wants to punish folks for having too many kids and hates humanity:

Teaches your kids to explore their sexuality to the fullest:

Even sexualizes ice-cream (and general douchebaggery):

Constitution is not for Scientists:

Gets schooled by a real scientists:

Knows nothing about CO2, and can't answer basic questions about it. But is the poster child for hate mongering against anyone that disagrees with him.

He's so far out there that Judith Curry, puts him in his own quadrant, and it's not a good one:

Doesn't understand basic biology (fertilized eggs aren't human):

Censors Science for Politics (chromosomes don't determine gender):

Bill Nye stars as Speed Walker, the super hero who fights crime while maintaining strict adherence to the regulations of the international speed walking association:

9 reasons to not take advice from frauds:

Still isn't wanted by the far left, because he's a white male:



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