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Baltimore is another far left city, that acts like intolerant idiots, while mismanaging their city into a corrupt shithole country.

Examples: 4 items

Guns don't kill people: Democrats kill people - If gun controllers are choosing not to "get it", I'll start messing with them, and play fallacy for fallacy. I point out: "guns don't kill people, democrats kill people", just do the math ≈80%+ of murders (and crime) is by democrats -- thus whites/Asians with guns, aren't the problem, blacks/latinos/democrat voters with guns are. So, "we don't need gun control, we need Democrat control", since the rest of don't have a gun problem (white republicans have 1/4th the murder/violent crime rates than the Democrat average does). Suddenly, their inner statistician comes out. They point out (accurately), that:
  • correlation isn't causality, so we haven't proved cause.
  • they suddenly want to talk about how you can't assume that everyone in a dataset is responsible for the aberration (e.g. most democrats aren't the problem, it's a small subset that's dragging the average up), they cry, "Averages, don't tell the whole story"
...and I reply, "ya don't say?" They conveniently forget all those things when broad-brush blaming all gun-owners (or all of America), for the crimes/murders of a few illegal gun owners (and gang-bangers) in a few democrat controlled cities. But you narrow it down to a smaller more responsible subset (those who vote democrat), and they suddenly remember statistics 101 and recognize all the problems of the very fallacious arguments they've been using against our gun liberties all along. They just only selectively recognize those problems depending on if they are being applied to their side, on the other side. Proving they're not dumb, just dishonest.

Baltimore School calls Trump a Nazi - A slide showed a picture of President Trump over the words “Wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall,” and beneath the President was a picture of a swastika captioned “Been There” and flag of the former Soviet Union captioned “Done That.” The slide was put up during an AP history class and left up all day.

2019.07.27 Baltimore -
Trump tweeted (paraphrased) two facts: (1) "Rep, Elijah Cummings (D) bullied border agents about conditions at the Southern Border (2) Cummings Baltimore district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. And maybe he should focus on cleaning up that dangerous & filthy place. Well, the left and their media (CNN, NBC, NYT, and other FakeNews) hates truth. So they screamed, "Racism" to distract. To them, it's irresponsible of the President who has done more to help the black community than any other in my lifetime, should point out we should do more to improve the conditions of black citizens in Baltimore?

Bernie Sanders, Orkin Pest Control, NYT, PBS, Elijah Cummings, all complained about the "infestation" before Trump did. Are they racist too? The Trump administration gave $16B in 2018 to help with the problem, was that racist? The left can't stop with the Fake Racism attacks, and would rather attack Trump than address real problems for minorities. So who are the real bigots?

2016.05.31 Baltimore BLM Professor's racist tweet - Lawrence Brown, Morgan State University Professor (and BLM agitator) said that "White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People" to make up for their white privilege.


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