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Austria: Germany Light. 1/3rd less Calories than regular Germany.

There's a lot more to add about this beautiful country and culture, both good and bad. But for now, it's just a placeholder for links and things of interest.


European think they have freedom, and in some ways they do (and have more than some Americans). But in many other ways they do not. One example is free speech, they think they have free speech, then they arrest people for simple things like having bottles of wine with Hitler's image on it.

While I'm the world's biggest anti-Fan of Hitler. I do understand the historical interest or novelty, or just a guy that want to collect offensive things for pure shock value. So while I don't know all the details, I do know that if you're not free to collect simple things like bottles of wine that you want, then you don't really have freedom.

Written 2018.05.04