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Chelsea Manning steals government secrets and is the pardoned (commuted) hero of the left. But Assange must be ruined for publishing it. Why? Manning is a transexual that undermined national security and cost lives, while Assange published truths (leaks) that made the Democrats/Hillary look bad. (Actually, their actions and own words made them look bad, but close enough). NPR uses the opportunity to attack Glenn Greenwald (The Intercept) as an ally of Assange.

Issue Lie Truth
Assange Irony Chelsea Manning steals government secrets that undermine American Interests, Military Interests, and get people killed -- so is the pardoned (commuted) hero of the left. Julian Assange just published it: so must be ruined and imprisoned for life. Why? Manning is a transexual, while Assange published truths (leaks) that made the Democrats/Hillary look bad. Anyone who tells the truth about Democrats must be destroyed.


There's some real irony going on:

  1. Chelsea Manning steals secret government documents and gives them to Wikileaks.
  2. Wikileaks publishes them, like many Journalists would -- as it exposed some valid concerns.
  3. Chelsea Manning is arrested and charged and convicted for espionage.
  4. Democrats/Media/Left scream for her dismissal because she's a far left transexual that attacked the military. (Also they loved Assange at the time for publishing it). So the Obama administration commutes her sentence and frees her. So she sues to get the record of her crime revoked. Democrats/Left/Media all for that.
  5. Assange gets kicked out of Ecuadorian Asylum (as a refugee) -- and the left reverses itself on attitudes about political refugees, wants Assange punished for a far lesser crime than they wanted Manning pardoned for. If Manning deserved to be pardoned for stealing the information -- then why does Assange deserve harsher punishment for publishing it?

Why the double standards?

I suspect the reasonable could only conclude it's partly because of Chelsea's intersectional victimhood (Transgender gets lots of free victim credits), but mostly because Assange published the truth about the DNC/Hillary after getting the emails from not-the-Russians. And/or they want this opportunity to force Assange, under pressure of life in prison, to stop telling the truth about what happened, and go along with the myth of it being the Russians all along. (Or something like that). Along with anyone that tells the truth about a Democrat (especially a favored one like Hillary) must have their life ruined, in the name of leftist tolerance.

NPR Fake Newsery

NPR was going over-the-top with calling Glenn Greenwald an associate and defender of Assange (a charge he vehemently denied, and they repeated a few times anyways), for pointing out that the Guardian, WaPo and others all said that if Assange can be prosecuted under the weak-sauce argument that asking a source for more material is aiding the source in breaking the law, then no journalist is safe. (Because that's normal behavior for any investigative journalist). (With the caveat that if they have any evidence of DIRECT action by Assange showing how to do it, then that view changes). NPR of course doesn't call WaPo or the Guardian associates and defenders of Assange.

🗒️ NOTE:
  1. While I do not agree with Mannings methods (and thus Manning can/should have been punished), the material did have validity for getting into the public domain. But it also got people killed. So both sides are valid: Manning should pay the consequences, and the public can be OK with what Manning did.
  2. I have no problem with the military/intelligence being consistent and trying to prosecute them both. I have a problem with the press/left's flip-flopping on where they stand. And I suspect there's no there, there, wrt evidence against Assange, but I'll wait and see. And so I have concerns if Assange is convicted based on Vapor, or the left's dislike of what he did with publishing the DNC/Clinton email scandals - and that abuse of power, isn't a good thing, whether you like Assange or not. (Also note, I've never been an Assange apologist. I think he cost American lives, and others. So if they can get him on real charges, I have no problem with it. But a foreign person, publishing things he got from an American, should not be an American crime at all -- unless they can prove he did the hacking, or directly aided in it).


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