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Antifa is not this new thing. Basically, there was a progression that went like this.

  1. 60's radicals committed violence, but got arrested -- they continued this ever since with infrequent tantrums
  2. We elected a community organizer President who incited protests and outrage and identity (divisive) politics of victimhood and tantrums
  3. He encouraged outrage and got Occupy Wall Street to distract from the Tea Party
  4. He encouraged more vandalism and violence via fake outrage at "racism" (Black Lives Matters)
  5. The Democrats got caught paying/inciting these people to go be violent to Trump supporters
  6. Many of these Soros funded folks united under the Antifa banner
  7. The Press and Democrats recognized that people had gotten wise to their games, and was sick of the violence, so they pretended they had nothing to do with it all. Who are these bad guys, and where did they come from? They start creating a fiction about how Antifa is just this one group and that the blackbloc has nothing to do with BLM, DNC or Occupy (despite it being the same people, doing the same things).


Ignoring that Antifa didn't appear in 2017, and that they go back years, decades. Heck there have been violent antifa thugs as long as there's been facists thugs: they're really the same thing. But there are more than just the one group that calls themselves antifa now (but all the participants and feeder organizations to their riots and protests). The BLM was part of antifa, the DNC and Press was cheerleading them until they figured out that it might be hurting their image (starting around 09/2017). But when talking about the U.S. antifa, it started with the rise of Obama (and a reaction to his sympathizing with violent protestors like BLM), and really took off once the left lost the 2016 election.

Here's some of their greatest hits.

2016.02.10 - UT Vandalism and Graffiti wars[1]

  • This is actually a series of events that started on 2016.02.10 with "Black Lives Matters" graffiti. It got washed off. Then a keltic cross got painted (whether in retaliation or as false flag, no one knows). The Revolutionary Student Front used this to get the ignorant riled up and a bunch of antifa went out on 2016.10.26 and painted over some stuff, and hung posters, and 3 got arrested. The vandals claimed their actions were justified by the other sides racism, and frats were tagged in 2017 with false allegations.

2017.01.20 - Inauguration Day "Women's March" Violence. [2]

  • Antifa members rioted in downtown D.C.: six cops injured, leading to the arrest of at least 217 people
  • New York, Portland, and Seattle also had antifa violence

2017.02.01 - Milo@Berkeley [3]

  • Progressives rioted and did $100,000 in damage, to prevent free speech: protesting Milo Yiannopoulos, because he mocks the SJW's anti-speech position. Since they were rewarded by blocking him and were not punished, it guaranteed more to come.

2017.03.04 - Pro-Trump Ralley@Berkeley [4]

  • Because some people wanted to show their support of Trump, they were attacked with baseball bats, knives, and fists. 10 arrests were made -- but they succeeded in shutting down the oppositions right to freedom of expression/assembly.

2017.03.25 - Antifa assaulted Trump supporters in Philadelphia [5]

2017.04.15 - Pro-Trump Ralley@Berkeley2 [6]

  • Because some people wanted to show their support of Trump, and were attacked the first time, they tried again. Similar results: DNC sponsored antifa types showed up, and assaulted with knives, flagpoles, helmets and sticks, and routed the peaceful Trump supporters.

2017.05.01 - May Day rally in Portland, Oregon [7]

  • Antifa showed up: fires were set in the street, Cop cars vandalized, graffiti, attempts to set businesses on fire, rocks, bottles, ball bearings, fireworks, smoke bombs, and road flares were thrown. 25 arrests were made.

2017.07.03 - Antifa assaulted Trump supporters and cops in Philadelphia... again [8]

  • Not only were Trump Supporters and Cops assaulted, it turns out one of them what a Philadelphia Principal.

2017.08.XX - Charlottesville [9]

2017.08.25 - Laguna Beach [10]

  • Black Trump supporter sucker punched by Trump hater

2017.08.27 - Anti-Marxism (Free-Speech) @ Berkeley & SF [11]

  • Transexual Trump support (Amber Cummings) has a free speech (anti-Marxism rally) in Berkeley, but cancels the event because of the black bloc threats of violence. People show up, and they were pepper sprayed, assaulted -- Six people suffered injuries, including two who were hospitalized. 13 arrests including assault with a deadly weapon. (Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told to avoid confronting the anarchists).

2017.09.16 - Ben Shapiro @ Berkeley [12]

  • While there was finally a Police Presence to protect conservatives, that did stop a Ben Shapiro supporter from getting stabbed in the neck, while the media reported it as a violence free event. Well, other than that. If it happened TO an antifa protestor instead of by one, we could expect something more like Charlottesville, instead of praise for how violence free it was.


There's a pattern that all but the most fanatical far-lefties can see. Notice it's not Trump supporters, or even fringe White Supremacists that are going to the left's rally's and disrupting their speakers. It's the left trying to shout down everyone they disagree with. And they've learned that violence gets attention.


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Antifascism is just fascism by another name. They incite or commit violence, and the left tolerated and supported it for years. They say they hate Trump because he's a fascist, but they love Antifa which are Anti-Capitalists who dress in black (like Fascists), to fight Fascists by emulating fascist tactics, commit acts of violence, disruption, vandalism, and beat up anyone they don't agree with.... just like fascists. Nope, that doesn't sound like the other far-left movement called Fascism... other than it is exactly like Fascism. For the exact same excuse: you need them to protect you from people like them. Just another group of violent leftists.