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A right winger hurt an Antifa's fist getting beaten up. Proof that they're equally responsible... to the media. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

Antifascism is just fascism by another name. They incite or commit violence, and the left tolerated and supported it for years. They say they hate Trump because he's a fascist, but they love Antifa which are Anti-Capitalists who dress in black (like Fascists), to fight Fascists by emulating fascist tactics, commit acts of violence, disruption, vandalism, and beat up anyone they don't agree with.... just like fascists. Nope, that doesn't sound like the other far-left movement called Fascism... other than it is exactly like Fascism. For the exact same excuse: you need them to protect you from people like them. Just another group of violent leftists.


They say how they claim to love America and are just trying to protect it.... so why they are chanting “No Trump! No Wall! No USA at all!“:

It's becoming so clear now why the war of words between SJWs and the new white nationalists is so intense. It isn't because they have huge ideological differences -- it's because they have so much in common.

  • Both are obsessed with race - SJWs demanding white shame, the white supremacists are responding with white pride.
  • Both view everyday life and culture through a highly racialised filter. SJWs can't even watch a movie without counting how many lines the black actor has in comparison with the white actor so that they can rush home and tumblr about the injustice of it all. The White Nationalists do the same back, just with their colored people.
  • Both have a seemingly boundless capacity for self-pity.
  • Both are convinced they're under siege, whether by patriarchy, transphobia and the Daily Mail (SJWs) or by pinkos and blacks (white nationalists).
  • Both have a deep censorious strain
  • Both crave recognition of their victimhood and flattery of their feelings.

This is really what they're fighting over -- not principles or visions but who should get the coveted title of the most hard-done-by identity. They're auditioning for social pity. "My life matters! My pain matters! I matter!" The increasing bitterness and even violence of their feud is not evidence of its substance, but the opposite: it's the narcissism of small differences. The white nationalists are a reflection and backlash against black supremacists (BLM), BDM, LGBTQ and the success of other pity movements.

Paraphrased from Jonah Goldberg:
  • Mob bosses and gang bangers kill each other all the time.
  • The Spanish Civil War pitted two bad movements against each other.
  • Stalin killed more Nazis than FDR did, that doesn’t make Stalin a better man.
  • The quest for power routinely pits decent people against decent people, and evil people against evil people.
It doesn't matter if Adolf Hitler is worse than Stalin, Pol Pot or Mao, by some subjective or objective measure, if it was you or your family murdered by one of the latter. You aren't going to watch your wife get raped in a Gulag and think, "At least this isn't Hitler bad [as Stalin]!" The passing grade isn't relative to someone else, it's whether you're doing evil or not. So arguing that antifa goons are somehow better than the white supremacists is an idiotic argument. And who really cares? Is there a fainter praise imaginable than, “He’s a little better than a Klansman?”


Antifa : 18 items

2016.10.15 NC RNC Office Firebombed - North Carolina Republican Party Firebombed, and they spray painted, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else”.

2016.11.10 Black mob beats white guy for voting for Trump - David Wilcox was beaten (and dragged through the streets) for being a Trump Voter in Chicago. Unlike the later Jussie Smollett case, this assault was a real hate crime in Chicago, and the national media had no interest.

2016.11.12 Two Men Attack Trump Supporter in Meriden, Ct - Two male suspects (Wilson Eschevarria and Anthony Hobdy) stopped their car, got out of the vehicle, and began punching and kicking a man in the traffic island for waving an American flag and holding a Trump election sign.

2016.11.13 College Park High School Teacher Punched - College Park (California) teachers were attempting to block passage to students from "nearby schools" who were on campus “recruiting” for an anti-Donald Trump protest, and one teacher was punched in the face.

2016.11.15 Six Communists arrested for assaulting Trump supporters - The "peaceful" protestors (according to FakeNews) and members of Red Guards Austin, were arrested for felony aggravated assault on Trump supporters while wearing masks, also resisting and evading arrest.

2016.11.16 Marines assaulted in NOLA - Anti-Trump protesters assaulted U.S. Marines in a New Orleans bar, during a "peaceful" protest.

2018.11.17 Marine Attacks -
Two Marines were severely assaulted by an Antifa mob (severe beating) for walking through downtown Philadelphia. (They were presumed to be "White Supremacists). Thomas Keenan and Thomas Massey, both of whom had longstanding connections to Philly Antifa, were later arrested for the crimes. Along with Joseph “Jose” Alcoff the leader of the Smash Racism DC group that harassed Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson. And it turns out that Alcoff had his hands in many Democrat policies, was the campaign manager for the liberal group Americans for Financial Reform, was invited to congressional Democratic press conferences, was a guest on a House Democratic podcast, and was a friend of Maxine Waters (D) California and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio. After years of alliances, the Democrats are now trying to distance themselves... "I hardly know the guy".

2019.01.11 Charles Landeros - An Antifa "beloved comrade and street medic" was killed when he went to his daughter's middle school in Eugene, Oregon, to discuss a custody dispute, armed and wearing a "Smash the patriarchy" t-shirt. When he was asked to leave, he pulled out a handgun and fired two rounds before being shot and killed. Popular Mobilization (the Portland anti-fascist group) claimed him as one of his own, and later organized a riot where they assaulted reporter Andy Ngo, for reporting the truth about the group.

2019.06.29 Andy Ngo Assault - The sub-editor and photojournalist for Quillette (Andy Ngo), spent the evening in the hospital with a brain bleed (and caustic burns) after being attacked by antifa during a protest in Oregon. The reason for the assault? The left-wing thought-police felt the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants should be hit with bricks and caustic \"milkshakes\" because he once wrote an article that explained England was becoming more Muslim and less tolerant, or he was photographing the violence of the Anti-American left. Some in the left wing media (NYT, WaPo, Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Slate, Vice), are claiming he's not a journalist (despite being one, and being published), and saying he deserved it (cheering on the violence and opposition to free speech), because that's easier than questioning their sides motivates/actions. Twitter is banning people / de-verifying those who expose who did it: (@Lucet_Veritas, @Rambobiggs).

2019.07.13 Willem Van Spronsen - aka Molitov Man. The beloved "hero" antifa member went to the Northwest Detention Center (ICE holding facility), again, armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, and was shooting and throwing these Molitov's at the facility (and causing fires), when he was shot and extinguished. This wasn't the first time he attacked an officer at that facility: the 68 year old failure at life had choked a Police officer (while armed) back in 2018. The beloved carpenter and folk singer is survived by a hateful mob of black clad fascists that will remember Dr. Darwin Award dearly, while the sane thank him for giving his life as a warning to others on, "how NOT to". Of course CNN had this guy on their show talking about what a great guy he was to arm himself and fight back, right before he got himself killed.

2019.08.04 Connor Betts - an extremist Antifa supporter who referred to Willem Van Spronsen as a “martyr” on social media, went on to kill nine people, and injured dozens in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

2019.08.17 Elderly man beaten - In Oregon (of course), a middle-age man was maced, beaten and knocked unconscious while his partner or spouse was trying to protect him from the Antifa mob that surrounded them. They vandalized busses, and other stuff as well. Much of the media reported this as peaceful, or that it was provoked by a far right radical group for existing/speaking. But in a country with free speech, that should be defended, and the violence against them should be condemned, not the other way around -- like CNN and other left outlets have done.

2019.09.29 Antifa bullies elderly couple - Antifa protesters block and yell at elderly couple using a walker outside Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario). The ironically named Antifa was assaulting people for having the audacity to listen to people that Antifa doesn't approve of (MP Maxime Bernier, and Michael Rubin). In a show of politeness, nearby Canadians did nothing to stop it. Antifa then went on to commit more violence, and 2 were arrested.

2019.10.28 Sean Kealiher - After a riot earlier in the night, at the appropriately named Cider Riot (an far-left Antifa/anarchist hangout), an extremist Antifa supporter (Sean Kealiher) got was walking back to his car with Hyatt Eshelman and got into a drunken argument with some guys on the street. The street guys got into a Ford SUV and drove away, did a U-turn, and intentionally drove into Sean (and the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters). Hyatt pulled out a gun and fired a few rounds into the truck, and the occupants of the SUV fled. Of course the Antifascists warned members against cooperating with the media and "the pigs" in the investigation.

Amazon and Antifa - Bezos doesn't seem to mind selling hate on Amazon. Well, left wing hate. They blocked history and the confederate flag as too controversial -- but Antifa stuff was sold well after they proved themselves to be a domestic terrorist organization. Which means they aren't taking a position against hate speech, just against anything that the snowflake left doesn't like.

Antifa Conspiracy Theory - The series of events goes like this:
  1. Antifa attacks people they don't like (for like the 18th time in as many months).
  2. The LAT, NYT, WaPo, and other places were reporting it
  3. both RT and Alt-Right also reported it, and tweeted about it. (Alt-right playing the victims, and RT playing how bad things are in the west, as they always do).
  4. AHA! Looney alt-left blogger says it's all a conspiracy theory because both RT ("The Russians"), and alt-right pointed out the same violence. They must be working together, to invent what happened (ignore all the other outlets, and for God sake, don't watch the video of antifa actually attacking cops or beating people up: they're the good guys).

So, a bunch of haters beat people up, attack free speech and civil rights, and assault cops... and it's all the Russians/Alt-Rights fault for "Skewing the narrative" because they noticed and retweeted it? That was a real pro-Antifa narrative put forth by Medium/ARC: it makes Alex Jones seem like a pro-establishment guy. In American Sign Language, the gesture for this is the index finger orbiting the ear.

Antifa Timeline - Antifa is not this new thing. Basically, there was a progression that went like this.
  1. 60's radicals committed violence, but got arrested -- they continued this ever since with infrequent tantrums
  2. We elected a community organizer President who incited protests and outrage and identity (divisive) politics of victimhood and tantrums
  3. He encouraged outrage and got Occupy Wall Street to distract from the Tea Party
  4. He encouraged more vandalism and violence via fake outrage at "racism" (Black Lives Matters)
  5. The Democrats got caught paying/inciting these people to go be violent to Trump supporters
  6. Many of these Soros funded folks united under the Antifa banner
  7. The Press and Democrats recognized that people had gotten wise to their games, and was sick of the violence, so they pretended they had nothing to do with it all. Who are these bad guys, and where did they come from? They start creating a fiction about how Antifa is just this one group and that the blackbloc has nothing to do with BLM, DNC or Occupy (despite it being the same people, doing the same things).

Friendlier than a Golden Retriever - You can't make this shit up, but Newsweek published an article from their writer (Tae Phoenix) that said she's more scared of Golden Retrievers than Antifa. Sure, because she's likely to put on a mask and beat old men with bats like they do?

Punch a Nazi:


Violence is always justified (or rationalized) by the far left. Remember, Antifa is celebrated by Democrat politicians and the media, this is who they support:

Who were fascists? They wore black shirts and shut down their political enemies through violence and intimidation. And what do the antifascists do? The same thing under the guise of going after the true fascists.

Antifa was behind violence in Charlottesville:

Some people infer that if you're saying antifa is responsible for being asshats, that you're excusing the other side (who might be real nazi's, or just imagined ones). But that's not how the world works. I can think two groups of fascists fighting are both fascists, and be against them both. e.g. just because I think the Crips started a gangland war, doesn't mean I think the Bloods are innocent or good guys.

This is a pedantic look at antifa, and pretty good article, but not the complete story as it omits that they've been organizing BLM and others to come to their event. And there's many other groups that associate with Antifa -- so looking at the history of one of the groups is like looking at only one chapter of the KKK and ignoring all the others that did things that belonged to other chapters, related organizations, or came to their gatherings without being members. That's part of the story, but not the complete story.

Not sure I like the gloating tone about someone else's misery, but "experience is what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted". She learned through experience -- and the best thing we can do, is share her story to others, to try to help them avoid the pain and suffering that often afflicts the naive and stupid:

The enemy of your enemy, might not be your friend. e.g. just because fascists are bad, doesn't make anti-fascists and thugs any less bad (or their victims, any less worthy of protection under the law):

Left wing feeds the right wing:

Not sure if they're terrorists:


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