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Andrew McCabe is the corrupt, perjuring Deputy FBI Directory, think Barney Fife, if he wasn't just inept, but did evil/corrupt things. He is being investigated for lies, leaking and perjury.... but what's important is what he lied about: he lied about leaking a conversation in which the Obama Justice Department pressured the FBI to stand down on an investigation of the Clinton Foundation. So during an Obstruction of Justice Witch-Hunt against Trump, he lied about Obstruction of Justice by the Obama administration, which is also our 3rd highest law enforcement officer committing Obstruction of Justice. In the words of Biden, that's a big fucking deal.



The gotcha here isn't just that McCabe lied, but that he got caught lying to investigators about leaking or authorizing subordinates to leak. That should lead to criminal indictment and successful prosecution. But what's even bigger is that his FBI superior (James Comey), started the investigation of his deputy. That should make it easy to flip McCabe, who is facing serious jail time and thinks he has been betrayed.

McCabe’s testimony is the best way to learn why the FBI and Department of Justice seemingly: mishandled everything related to Hillary Clinton, routinely funneled classified material on Donald Trump to friendly news agencies, and behaved like they were the enforcement arm of the DNC. McCabe has already talked a bout direct political pressure to help the Clintons (and the WSJ dives deeper into McCabe's impression of a Loretta Lynch toady and following her ‘Stand down,’” order). So the so-called “Deep State” efforts to smear Trump, or abused of power by Obama Administration, could get broken wide open.

Retweeted Brit Hume

(@brithume): Summary from WSJ article:

  • McCabe: Sure, I leaked that information, but I was authorized to. And yeah, I testified falsely about it, but I didn’t mean to.


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Written 2018.04.22