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Alyssa Milano of the Pepperidge Farms Cookie Empire, was shrilly screaming that all women should be believed, no matter what during #MeToo and Kavanaugh Crucifixion... until women started coming forward accusing her favorite Democrats: Joe Biden.

  • While the evidence and witnesses (including her friends and family) contradicted Christine Blasey Ford absurdly vague accusation, Alyssa felt Brett Kavanaugh should have his career ruined without any due process... and of course Blasey Ford has been held up as a hero of the far left. But when many women came forward with claims against Joe Biden (Lucy Flores and now Former staffer Tara Reade), and the latter with far more recent and far more credible claims of a far more serious sexual crime (though even it is a bit sketchy), suddenly Alyssa thinks that we shouldn't jump to conclusions and that men shouldn't be denied their due process.
  • The generous will say she's grown over time. The less generous will assume this is nothing but pure partisan hypocrisy. Her friend and partner in #metoo Rose McGowan called her a fraud. I fall into the latter camp.

I'm totally against tolerating sexual abuse... but there are thousands of documented cases of Women being humans that will sometimes use sexual allegations for power, money, promotion, attention or other reasons. Heck, Japan so criminalized frotteurism on public transit, that it was a common scam for schoolgirls to threaten businessmen with false accusations if they didn't hand over cash. But somehow American women are immune from this? Not buying it.

So while all credible complaints should be investigated -- false ones must also be punished. And hypocrites demanding we burn people at the stake without evidence, unless they're from their side of the aisle, should also be treated with the contempt of hypocrites anywhere else in society. Alyssa should safely be ignored on all topics around Women's issues or sexual assault as the Rachel Dolezal of #metoo.


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Tara Reade
The FakeNews media has been actively suppressing information about Joe Biden's accuser, while the people screaming about Kavanaugh or Trump, are defending Biden despite a more serious allegation with far more evidence of wrongdoing. If Democrats didn't have double standard, they wouldn't have standards at all.
#metoo is the hashtag of sheep, followers, and the antithesis of what we should want from our daughters and sons. Look, I get it. There are people that abuse their positions, and that's wrong. But that's not reason to give up our individuality and reasoning for sake of political correctness. A strong woman comes forward at the time. Weak women wait years or decades and only come out long after they got the job/promotion for their service and when others came out first and the statute of limitations have run out.
Alyssa Milano
2018.10.05 - Finally admitting that Bill Clinton might have done something wrong.