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There are really two different histories of America -- the one that I know existed based on extensive reading and studying of history, and the one that some of my left of center friends know by repeating what they were taught in School/Universities, what they read in their version of the media, or what they really want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary. Without someone having an accurate understanding of the past, they have a distorted view of the present, and no ability to understand what's coming in the future. Which explains how they can demand such ruinous things with the glee of a cult follower reaching for their glass of flavor aid. Thus our realities will only occasionally intersect, and when they do, it's usually not a great reaction.

My world view was formed early with things like in the 5th Grade while studying The American Revolution, I found out that what my teachers were teaching me was far from the whole truth: it had lies of omission and commission, and that if I wanted to really know something, I had to become a critical thinker: skeptical of what I was told, and to dive in a research what they weren't telling me. Lefties never got that memo, and will vehemently defend their fiction against any and all documented proof to the contrary. They hated me in school for arguing with the teacher, especially when I won, and it hasn't gotten better with age or social media. Mere facts, books, pictures or video just makes them madder. While learning something new is exciting to me, for them, conceding their heroes were wrong is ripping the foundation of their reality away. So while they demanded we speak truth to power, they didn't mean we speak actual truth to actual power. Their ego needs a flock, a safe space and their fake truth -- while mine needs the freedom to question, learn and accept facts that matched the data before my eyes. All my world view offers them is a dark and scary world with doubt, growth and enlightenment. This article is just a few examples where our realities collide.


Here's just a small sampling of the lies they believe or re-tell. The biggest problem isn't just that they're wrong on all of them, it's that they can't admit they're wrong on any of them. You can show the facts, evidence, sometimes picture/documents and video -- and the most common response is to appeal to authority ("but so-and-so disagrees"), or to attack the messenger (and ignore the source material that proves it).

Alternate History

There's real history, and the left's history -- they have very little in common. Very little. When I read Howard Zinn, or Karl Marx's view of the world -- it sounds like an average far left intersectional Democrats view of the world. While it has names in common with mine, the facts have been changed to protect the guilty and convict the innocent.

  • 1619 Project - the far-left thinks we are Slavery and Racism are part of our DNA, and by lacking any nuances or couter-balances they condemn the nation to perpetual damnation for that past from which we can never recover. We, and capitalism must be destroyed to atone for things done by people we have no relation to.
  • You didn't build that - the left thinks without government, there would be no business. The truth is the opposite, without government we'd have commerce, but without commerce and people to tax, there is no government. Government is the parasite with delusions of grandeur.
  • Government made the iPhone - the left thinks without government, there would be no iPhone. The truth is the opposite, without government we'd have commerce, but without commerce and people to tax, there is no government. Government is the parasite with delusions of grandeur.
  • 2019.04.12 Some People - a racist Democrat said a dumb thing (opened her mouth), and was pilloried by retweeting the video that shows how out of touch the far left is with the average American. They can't even admit 9/11 was Islamic Terrorism, and was a bad thing that shouldn't be politicized. Instead of owning it, the left tried to pretend that the President was trying to endanger her, by letting people see her own words.
  • 40 Hour work week - the left thinks the Unions/Government gave us the 40 hour work week. It was standardized a decade before by Henry Ford (Capitalism). By the time we had the FSRA, it applied to less than 20% of the population.
  • 9/11 - the left blamed the U.S. for 9/11, used it as an opportunity to divide us, and many of the historical revisions they do to this day, polarize us between those who remember what happened, and the Democrats.
  • Abortion - the left can't win abortion discussions on the facts or discussing how viable a baby should be before we protect it from extermination, so they have gaslight the issue and pretend it is about a Woman's rights to protect against rapists (extremely rare), or incest (more rare), or health concerns (more rare still). Add all those up, and that <5% of abortions, we're talking about the rest.
  • American Exceptionalism - America has been exceptional in many ways, from our Laws, Liberties, Economics, Culture, Charity, Technology and even wars. Most of our wars were fought to free people and increase liberty, as opposed to conquest. No country has had as much power, and exploited it as little as we have. So while we're plenty flawed, we've behaved better than those that criticize us, often in the very areas that they criticize us. We gave the world more than any other 5 countries combined, despite being only 5% of the global population.... and that's exceptional by definition.
  • Anti-Science Party - the left believes in many fictions and superstitions, but only sees flaws in the other side.
  • Bush lied... - the world's intelligence disagreed on individual reports, but unilaterally agreed that Saddam was trying to get WMD's, he had not properly disposed and reported on prior stockpiles, he was a state sponsor of terror, and that he violated the terms of the peace (cease fire) as well as multiple U.N. resolutions (like 1441).
  • Christian Nation - the left ignores truths like our founding fathers were all religious men who tolerated prayer in schools and government proceedings, allowed state religions and used biblical values and terminology to create this nation.
  • Civil War and Slavery - the left ignores all the reasons why the civil war wasn't about slavery.
  • Climate History - the left uses scare tactics to try to convince people to panic and empower the government to control their lives (watermelon environmentalism like the Green New Deal). But all their predictions of doom and gloom have been wrong in the past. So it's a bit naive to think that this time they're right (and not overstating it).
  • Columbus Day - Columbus was a nice guy, for his time. Judging someone by the norms of our time and not his own, is a historical fallacy. Compared to his contemporaries (including the Native Americans), he was gentle, civilized and made the continent better -- unless you prefer we still lived in the stone/bronze age and practiced Human Sacrifice.
  • Death Panels - Democrats hated the term "Death Panels" for a panel (called the IPAB) that could make life or death decisions over what treatments would be covered. So they denied they existed and called the right liars for claiming they did, while they campaigned on the huge cost savings they would bring (but never did).
  • Dropping the Bomb - after two Nuclear Bombs (and the threat of more coming), the Japanese had 3 attempted Coups’ to try to prevent the Emperor from surrendering... and the left still thinks they would have surrendered without dropping the bomb.
  • Fascism - the left believes that while the National Socialists Workers Party contained Socialism in the name, thought and deed, doesn't mean they were real socialists. And if they weren't Socialists, they must be right wing.
  • Gentle savages - the left thinks Native Americans were all good and Settlers/America was all bad towards the gentle savages. The truth is most of Americas reactions to the Natives was in response to their horrible behaviors: though the nuances of distinguishing/targeted the correct group for the crimes was poor at best.
  • Government and Society - America was founded on Paine's elucidation that Nations were necessary evils (at best), and they exist to protect liberty (individual, religious, economic), from those that would encroach on it. That was what America was founded on. Telling someone what to do using governmental taxes/laws/regulations to bully them? That's un-American. Telling them fuck off when they try? Now THAT'S American.
  • Inciting Violence - Progressives need to convince everyone that every issue is life-or-death, the end of the planet, or the other side being evil, or nothing would change. So inciting violence is practically required by the left. For the right, if things aren't that bad, then they get what they want, less change for the worse.
  • Military industrial complex - the left thinks that our highest General-President's warning about an Iron Triangle (collusion between Government, Politicians and Business) was a warning against our Military.
  • Mohammad Mosaddegh - the second generation Shah had the rightful power to replace the Prime Minister (Mosaddegh). The US/UK did encourage him to do that (as he did a dozen times before and after), but that's hardly a "coup", and the reasons for doing so was the Mosaddegh (a KGB funded Marxist) had usurped power and was decidedly anti-Democracy and the country was about to fall into complete dictatorship.
  • Native American Genocide - the left thinks Americans exterminated the Native Americans on purpose. And there are cases of bad behavior by Democrats, like Andrew Jackson (the first Democrat President). But most of the deaths and bad behavior had happened long before America was a country.
  • Origins of the Internet - the left ignores truths like by 1976 we had hundreds of computers networked before ARPA was thought up. TCP IPv4 got finalized in 1983 (the protocol we call the Internet). By 1993 the Internet carried only 1% of the information flowing through networks, but by 2007 that had flipped. Why? We standardized on a lowest-common denominator protocol, not because it was better, but because it was neutral (no one owned it). Without TCP/IP, we'd still have had everything we have today, some better. Government had just copied what we already had, and the market went, "Meh. OK".
  • Reagan caused homeless crisis - The facts are that the federal mental institutions were a disaster. The movie, "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" was made a decade or two later, to exemplify the attitudes that caused the closing of the institutions, before/during/after Reagan's watch. It was vogue to recognize that the institutions had locked up innocents, and that most didn't need to be in an asylum. So Reagan didn't start, nor stop the trend, which continued long after he left.
  • Slavery - the left thinks being the only country to have a civil war to free a minority isn't good enough. We must enslave all whites to reparations to make up for past racism, while the facts are that slavery didn't make us rich, proven by how we thrived after we eliminated it.
  • The Jungle - created because of a propaganda scam (Upton Sinclair wrote a long debunked political propaganda book called, "The Jungle" that gave politicians an excuse to corrupt food inspections), and today the agency delays life saving drugs, treatments and devices by a decade (while people die), and they drive up their costs and reduce competition. Is it really worth it? If you can't ask that question, then you're not up for the discussion.
  • War - America is always wrong in War, unless Democrats started it and mismanaged it. If there's a way to twist or distort the History against America, chances are there'll be a ton of Democrat supporters, and anti-American (Soviet) backers because the cause. Russia called them "useful idiots", but I'm unconvinced of their use.


Of course there is inequality and injustice in the world, and even in our nation. But by and large, we're in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity, in every dimension. But the progressive left is addicted "progress" (change), not balance, or knowing when to stop/slow/moderate. So no matter what progress is made, they have to ignore it, exaggerate the wrongs and the potential for government to fix society with a few laws and a little more intolerance towards that with which they disagree -- until they get to the point where their views are a caricature of reality, and a delusion. That only they are virtuous, and those who disagree in any degree, are not (and thus are enemies).

  • Rape Culture - the left believes fictions like 1 in 5 women are raped in college, women never lie about this stuff, and men are always the guilty. Reality is more nuanced, with many false accusations and convictions by fame seekers or regrets. There has never been a safer time to be a woman.
  • Gender Dysphoria - sex is physical and chromosomes. Gender preference (how we want to act) is a choice. Gender Dysphoria is a tough mental malady (like depression or mania). I'm empathetic and respectful -- but not a truth denialist. You want to associate as a man/woman? Fine. You want to deny chromosomes? Not fine.
  • Gender Wage Gap - the left believes Women make only $0.77 for each $1.00 that men make, because once you adjust for things like occupational choices, experience, employment gaps, hours worked, and so on, any pay-gap evaporates.
  • Homophobia - the left believes that anyone opposed to any issue they support with LGBT angle, must be because they hate gay people. Even when they are gay, or have close friends or family that are gay, and there's no evidence to support their delusion.
  • Institutional Racism - the left believes the system, the right, and everyone that disagrees with them must hate poor brown people -- because virtually every major racist policy was passed and supported by the left.
  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia - Bigotry is judging individuals based on the groups they belong to: like the left does to conservatives/republicans.
  • Social Justice Warriors - the left believes we need government oppression to protect us from being one of (if not the) freest, wealthiest, and least discriminatory countries in the world.
  • Transphobia - the left believes the only reason for ever disagreeing with a trans-activist/issue is you're afraid of them.
  • Virtue Signaling - the left sees everything is about them. And they need to tell others about it.
  • VoterID and Voter Fraud - the left believes the best way to protect Democracy, is to not only ignore fraud and abuse of it, but to encourage more of it.
  • War on Women - Democrats who have never seen a war, think not forcing people to subsidize abortions or birth control is the same thing as declaring a War on Women.


There's real economics, and the left's version (Leftonomics) -- they have very little in common. Real economics is about observing what is, and learning from it. Leftonomics is about ignoring what is, and believing whatever cultural Marxism has taught you and that you wish was true. Usually some variant of America/Capitalism is bad, and government authoritarianism would be better.

  • Financial crisis of 2007-2008 - the left's view of the financial crisis misses on everything from how over-regulated we were, to the causes of the criss, to what happened during it, or why we pulled out. They can't tell you how removing Glass-Steagall or derivatives caused the crash, or why it never happened anywhere else that didn't have Glass Steagall, but ewhen it's facts versus feelings (or their beliefs), the facts don't win. So they focus on one micro aspect in order to block out the bigger picture.
  • Green Energy - it's called Green energy because it is so expensive. Look at the energy prices, and reliability problems of countries that have widely adopted it. Germany is more reliant on Russian natural gas than ever, other countries have black outs when heat waves come, and their cost per watt is outrageous.
  • Income inequality, vanishing middle class, and other scams - the left ignores that our Real GDP has doubled and it isn't all pooled at the top. That our grandparents didn't have cell phones, gene therapy for cancer, were crippled by polio, had one car, 3 generations lived in 900 sq. ft. homes, they didn't take as many vacations, the rest of the war wrecked globe wasn't competing with us (yet), and social programs and taxes/regulations hadn't driven up the costs of everything.
  • Keynes - was a Micro-economist who had all of his Macro-economic theories that we could tax ourselves into prosperity proven wrong by history, and explained why by Hayek -- so the left still believes that Keynesianism works. Real economists do not.
  • Minimum Wage - to the left, raising it will help people: and they'll unemploy as many people as it takes, to get us to utopia. But if it helps, why not raise the cost to $1,000/hour and make everyone rich? Because raising the cost of something, reduces the demand -- so rising wages means more unemployment. They either don't know that and are stupid, or they do, and are liars/frauds. Either should be ignored.
  • NJ and The Economist - Democrats think that if you spend $2.63 (in taxes, debt, etc) to get $.60 in purchasing power back, that you're coming out ahead. That's the underlying premise of all federal programs.
  • Obamanomics v Trumponomics - big government spending, tax and regulations are burdens on business and scare them away from growth: that's why Obamanomics failed so miserably. While the converse is true for Trumponomics: despite more international threats and instability, the markets were bolder.
  • Rent Control - this is the quickest way to destroy a housing market. It kills incentives to increase capacity or quality, which drives up the cost of housing to everyone not squatting. Every real economist that's looked at it has screamed, "NO!". But it's a way to buy votes from the gullible and hurt people, so Democrat/Progressive/Leftist Politicians have always been its champion.
  • Socialism - the left ignores that Socialism usually ends in misery or violent revolution and murdered over 100M people in the 20th century. It is a philosophy of envy and greed (convincing the many to rob from the few). It puts the collective stupidity above individuals and exceptionalism. It is 3 horny Men and a Woman voting on who she will have sex with (and taking away her right to say "no"). It teaches culture to fight to be on the bottom (the biggest victims) to get the most reward. It destroys individuals, economies and cultures. But other than that...
  • The Broken Window Fallacy - the left believes that vandalism can stimulate the economy.
  • The Great Depression - the left thinks the Great Depression was caused by capitalism/Wall Street and Hoover fiddled while Rome burned. The facts show the Democrats had magnified the depression for political gain, and FDR and the New Deal made things worse. It was the war that saved us, not FDR.
  • Trickle Down Economics - the left doesn't recognize that the only thing you can do with money is give it away, spend it, or invest it: and all create jobs/growth. Economics denialism.
  • Unintended Consequences - Economics and progressive activism are in direct contradiction with each other. Economics is looking for the unseen and unintended. Doing so would hamper being a champion of the next big-government cure for what ails us: and leftism would go extinct. Thus ignorance (denial) is a survival mechanism for the left..

Alternate Liberty

There's real liberty, and the left's version (Alternate Liberty) -- they have very little in common. Real liberty is about arguing with people who don't do what you want, but letting them do it anyways. Telling them not to say things, or arguing against it, but letting them do it anyways. It's about championing your causes, by trying to win in public opinion, not using the tyranny of the majority (50%+1 of votes) to force laws or authority to take away their right to do it. Remember, a law/regulation/tax is the point where a bully says, "do it, or I'll have this government goon take you property, liberty or life".

  • Anti-American - the left doesn't really love America as it is, or its history -- they love it for the potential to turn it into something they could be proud of: the Progressive USSA. It would be a lot less free than the hot mess we have today.
  • Anti-Americans - virtually all of the loudest voices against America (past, present and future, if you don't give them complete control) are on the left. Every one of them would take away your liberty and opportunity, and make us less free, under the guise of making it more socially just. (We'd all be equally enslaves and poor, except for the political class, of course).
  • Backpage - was used for hookups or paid sexual encounters, but the website was not doing anything illegal: they were actively helping the Government find nefarious actors. The Obama DOJ seized their assets (so they couldn't pay their legal bills) and arrested the founders anyway.
  • Corporate Personhood & Citizens United - the left hates when Justice is blind (and fair to both sides), and the CU ruling said that Unions, Government, Churches, marriages and other "corporations", would all be treated the same... instead of allowing politicians to decide which get free speech or not. They preferred unfair and less free.
  • Democratic Tolerance - the left is to tolerance what what Ché Guevara was to gay rights, what Pol Pot was for higher education, what Stalin was for political diversity, and what Mao was for religious freedom. I could go on naming lefties and ways that they are not tolerant, but some will claim the norm are the outliers.
  • EPA - after most of the local pollution problems had been fixed by state and local governments, the fed got involved and created the EPA to give their "oversight". And of course that increased the stupidity and politicization of the environment. They helped in a few places, hurt in many others, did a lot of symbolic do-nothingism, and you can't empower the government without empowering corruption and waste.
  • Eighteenth Amendment - the left gave us alcohol control for the same reasons they support guns: it's not the individual, it's their tools that are the problem. And it worked about at empowering criminals, disempowering the law abiding, and turning otherwise good citizens into criminals.
  • Eighth Amendment - the founding fathers and all judges for 200 years agreed that capital punishment wasn't cruel and certainly not unusual. Then in 1972 they invented it's arbitrary application as evidence it was. This was reversed 4 years later, after 37 states had plugged any legal holes about it's arbitrary application.
  • FCC - created so FDR could bully any TV/Radio stations that did unfavorable pieces on the administration, and extort stations into paying his son rich consulting fees to get licenses.
  • FDA - created because of a propaganda scam (Upton Sinclair wrote a long debunked political propaganda book called, "The Jungle" that gave politicians an excuse to corrupt food inspections), and today the agency delays life saving drugs, treatments and devices by a decade (while people die), and they drive up their costs and reduce competition. Is it really worth it? If you can't ask that question, then you're not up for the discussion.
  • First Amendment - the left loves free speech, Press, Religion, and right to assemble... unless it's a conservative, right winger, or corporation that's exercising that right. Then they hate it and want to outlaw it.
  • Fourth Amendment - who needs to feel secure in their homes, when anyone can accuse anyone else of being a risk, put you on a list and a government bureaucrat will sign off on it? And how do you get off that error-riddled list? It doesn't matter, because guns are scary.
  • Gun Control - There's two things I've never met. An informed gun-controller. Anyone for gun-control that could learn the facts on guns and gun control, and remain a gun-controller.
  • Party of fear - the left projects their flaws on others: so being the party of fear (or envy), they project that on the other side and claim the Republicans are. But if you trusted your neighbors (and didn't fear their actions), you wouldn't be the party of things like Gun-Control, or all the petty things they like to try to ban, outlaw, punish or regulate (they are afraid of non-compliance).
  • Second Amendment - there's no moderate or informed gun-controllers on the left. I've looked for 40+ years. As long as you believe that an inanimate objects contributes to murder, you're going to vote on that superstition to restrict them more and more, until everyone is safe from that liberty. And when only the police/government has guns, you live in a police state. So the left is consistently against the 2A, their views on History of Guns is distorted. Facts about mass shootings that have been stopped by civilians, or civilian Defensive Gun Use or real comparison to places with gun control, just outrage them. They want to ban all guns, and lie about it because they know that's unpopular.
  • Sixth Amendment - you don't need due process, or to face your accuser. The left supports secret hearings to strip you of your rights, based on shoddy or made-up evidence, because "guns are scary".
  • The left gave us our anti-immigration policies as a favor to organized labor (Unions), then complains about the right enforcing those laws/borders.
  • The left champions the regulatory state: the FDA was created after Upton Sinclair wrote his fiction piece called "the jungle" to protect us from a non-problem.
  • The left created the poverty industrial complex which is over 2/3rds of our budget and 9/10ths of our future liabilities -- all to declare a war on poverty (by economic conscription).
  • The left has always been in bed with big business (like organized labor) and created the biggest cartels in our country
  • The left loves/hates the separation of powers depending on whether they're getting what they want (or obstructing the other side from giving us more liberty) -- but selective ethics are not ethics.
  • All the worst changes to our constitution can be traced to progressives: amendments 16, 17, 18, supreme court stacking and politicizing the court, the idea of precedence/living document over originalism/law. progressives broke the bi-cameral design of our legislature (put there by our constitution), so that directly elected senators would do whatever bad idea the people could be duped into, instead of what the states wanted

Alternate People

There's real people, and the left's version of people -- they often have very little in common. Very little. I'll hear one of my lefty friends, or watch a left-stream media channel and hear their version of something, and compare it to reality and realize, that they have the same names as the person I know, they have a completely different history. Some events/actions omitted, others imagined in. It's like we live in parallel universes, or they're perpetually tripping on LSD.

  • Abraham Lincoln - the man whose election got us into a war, and whose ego wouldn't let us out of one. Racist, un-constitutionalist, tyrannical bigot that killed more Americans than any other President.
  • Bernie Sanders - a two-faced, hypocritical, crazy-uncle Socialist, whose only accomplishments in life was winning an election by loser hippies that wanted free stuff.
  • Donald Trump - the left hates that Trump does all the things their side does, and after 150+ years of the left not caring what their side does, the right is starting to adopt the same standards. When the left goes low, Trump will get in the mud with them.
  • Hillary Clinton - the left ignores that she was one of the nastiest, corrupt and most polarizing Presidential candidates to ever have visions of attaining the office. Her scandals go on for pages, and many who knew her best admit she has the likability of chlamydia.
  • Michelle Obama - is rarely proud of our nation, and terminally ignorant enough to think that the WhiteHouse was built by slaves. Both are sad statements.
  • Progressives - they view themselves as caring more than everyone else. They demonstrate it by caring less about the consequences of their policies, or who they have to hurt to get what they want.
  • Robert E. Lee - gave up his slaves at the beginning of the war, and denounced the institution. (Grant kept his). We owe Arlington National Cemetery to Lee. And you can't judge a war or History, unless you're willing to learn it. Blacks and the North didn't have a problem with Statuary to Robert E. Lee, until generation Snowflake took over the DNC.
  • Sarah Palin - because she once said that Russia's proximity to Alaska made her more familiar with Foreign Policy than a Jr. Senator from Illinois, the left thinks she said, "I can see Russia from my house". Anyone that thinks she said that, sets the bozo bit for me. (Low information voter).
  • Joe McCarthy - the left thinks McCarthy started the Red Scare, he had no list, and that it had no merit. See: Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Democrat Presidents have always been the party of race hate. It started with Andrew Jackson and his celebrated trail of tears, they fought against Lincoln, and they gave us four of the most racist Presidents of the last century: (1) Wilson playing the racist "Birth of a Nation"[1] (2) FDR's segregated military and interning the Japanese and giving Jewish refugees back the Nazi's and keeping blacks out of the New Deal and speaking to the KKK and appointing two members to the Supreme Court (3) Johnson's many comments about niggers or calling his chauffeur "boy" or asians as "hordes of barbaric yellow dwarves” (4) Obama hanging out with the likes of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, sheilding the New Black Panthers from prosecution, defending and encouraging racial violence and being a black supremacists [2]. To this day, the Democrats point fingers to distract from who the heroes of the left really were.

Alternate Science

There's real science, and the left's version of it -- they often have very little in common. Very little. Of course both sides have selective views of things, but you can reason with the right on many of them. Many on the left are more like tantruming toddlers, and everything is their most sacred belief, if you question what they were told to think in the name of individualism and tolerance.



My life was always doubting: my parents, teachers the media -- and finding out what else was out there. Not conspiracies, most of those are implausible and unlikely, but just curiosity about the context, nuance and most of all the omissions.

Some need to believe that my criticisms of the left are because I'm just a fan of the right -- but it's more the opposite: the more I learned about what the left wasn't telling me, the more I learned to distrust them. The more I challenged both side, the worse the left behaved. The right spins and exaggerates too, but is less prone to lies, more prone to being called on them by the media when they do, and more willing to concede when caught and challenged. For me, you're only a useful being when you're self aware and can question or think for yourself. And the latest term for many of the most vocal left is NPC. In computer games a NPC (non-player characters) are pre-programmed, can't adapt to new information, and react in a very predictable and scripted ways: simplistic shadows of real players who can think for themselves. It's a bit harsh, many lefties are quite smart and reasonable on other topics, but we all have blind spots... and politics is it for those put their hearts above their heads, or feels over thinks.

I am a classical liberal/leftist (pro-individual liberty), that has become the right wing of America. The smallest minority is an individual... and individualists don't fit into the American-Left any more. So I was driven out and attacked. But I don't hate/resent them. I think deep down they know if they learn/grow/change on any issue, they could lose much/most of their social circles, and would have to re-think their entire identity. So they can't admit to anything, or they could lose everything. That to me is sad. But many of them won't learn, and I can't unlearn.

A "Gish gallop" (coined by Eugenie Scott on Duane Gish's use of it), is a technique used during debate where one side tries to overwhelm the opponent with as many arguments as possible (true or not), in order to beat them into capitulation, or convince the audience that they had more facts on their side. Since I try to overwhelm with only truths, I cannot Gish Gallop. While the left often uses half-truths or whole lies, thus they try.


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