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In 2018 a repeat of Charlie Gard also happened and was also suppressed by the leftist media. (1) Alfie Evans, another child with a rare a debilitating disease (2) the UK's NHS decided it would be in their best financial interest if Alfie just died and stopped costing them money (3) The Parents fought and lost a legal battle against euthanizing their son (4) The Parents appealed to Italy and got him Italian citizenship to get around the order, and the Italian Consolate warned the NHS against murdering one of their citizens (5) The NHS removed his ventilator anyways, against the Parents wishes. Cost savings achieved. Just don't call it a death panel.


Just to prove that Charlie Gard wasn't a one-off anomaly, along comes the case of Alfie Evans, a child born with encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome: medical speak for the kid lost the quality of life lottery. The courts also decided that practical Eugenics (exterminating the infirm) was in everyone's best interests (e.g. the states), and individual liberty was convicted of the capital crime of costing too much money.

While the pro-socialized medicine folks will get apoplectic if you mention it, one of the things to know about countries with Socialized Medicine is that you don't own your own life (or that of your kids), that's the state's power (to decide who is worthy of resources or life). Even if you'll pay to leave and provide in another country, they'd rather murder you, than give you or your parents the freedom to decide.

Ben Shapiro summed it up as, "If you withheld water from your brain damaged toddler, you'd be brought up on child abuse charges. If a British hospital does it, it's just 'dying with dignity.'

Matt Walsh summed it up as, "If Alfie Evans Was A Royal Baby Would They Still Be Killing Him In A London Hospital?"... and we all know the answer is "of course not". There are two laws in the UK, one for the important people (politicians and royalty), and one for those on NHS.

This points at a wider problem (dilemma) with government, and what system do you ant to live under: Malevolent liberty or benevolent tyranny?


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