Aaron Persky

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Aaron was a victim of mob rule Lynch mob in California.

People v. Turner
People v. Turner shows everything that's wrong with SJW's, Snowflakes, and Californias mob rule (but I repeat myself). The TL:DR version: Brock Turner (a white, male, Student Athlete at Stanford) and an unnamed girl, got completely and intentionally drunk, where she went voluntarily behind a dumpster, and they made out and he fingered her and dry humped her, but she passed out and he left her there. And some students tackled him and claimed he'd raped her. Because he was white, male and student athlete, he was accused of sexual assault (or mis-stated as rape). Brock "only" got 6 months Prison time... and 3 years probation, and a scarlet letter of forever being labelled a sex offender, exactly as the Parole Board suggested. The mob of SJW's was outraged: examples must be made! The penalty for drunken poor judgement should be death for men... and for Women? They own no responsibility for their actions. When both are drunk and make bad decisions, the privileged white male is always at fault! (Think of the last time you heard a woman charged for rape by the guy?) The mob blamed the Judge for following the state's guidelines, and he was recalled and ruined as well.