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ABC News on tanking Epstein story: didn't meet their standards (despite direct witnesses and lots of evidence).

Also ABC on Kavanaugh: ran uncorroborated claims with only witnesses refuting claims.

This is what FakeNews and bias looks like (burying and spinning valid stories and shifting the narrative):

  • Project Veritas caught Amy Robach admitting on hot-mic. that she had Epstein story 3 years ago, with interviews and witnesses, but higher ups tanked it because it make the Clinton and Royals look bad.
  • ABC's defense (and they forced Amy to repeat) that the story didn't meet their standards... despite Epstein already being convicted of related crimes, direct witnesses and tons of evidence. This is the same organization that had far lower standards when they ran uncorroborated claims with the only witnesses refuting those claims about Brett Kavanaugh: proving their hypocritical double-standards at defending Democrat Pedophiles while being willing to attack Conservatives who did nothing wrong, with far less evidence.
  • ABC pulled out all stops to find the leaker and not why the story was tanked. Once identified, they conspired with CBS to have the whistleblower fired for exposing the truth. These are the same organizations that refuse to even mention the name of Democrat Operative that conspired with Democrats/Adam Schiff and was the leaker in the Trump/Ukraine case. (Another double standard).
  • Meanwhile ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all put a black-out on mentioning anything about this newsworthy story in their "so called" News shows (some for the first day, some indefinitely), while in their talk shows or on-line they are trying to play off Project Veritas as a far right wing group that could/should be ignored. (Lying for an agenda).


  • Amy also admitted that she doesn't think there's any way that Epstein killed himself. He was a blackmailer with POWERFUL enemies, that was killed in prison to prevent him from talking.
  • Virginia Roberts’ (the victim) Attorney, supported Amy Robach's hot mic claims, and said that they had all the evidence that's coming out now, 3 years ago. And pointed out they have the interviews in their archives, and appears to be pressuring them to release them now. That ABC won't, when it's obviously newsworthy, is more evidence of their political bias/agenda. (As well as butt covering, if it's a professional/compelling story that was suppressed).
  • The reason the story was buried is because FakeNews ABC had George Stephanopoulos (ex Clinton guy: communications director) wanting the story buried -- because it was during an election, and he wanted Hillary to win, which would give him more access to the President (not to mention their political bias). Not to mention that Stephanopoulos had his own ties to Epstein.
  • Project Veritas / James O’Keefe is one of the few journalists left. After death threats about this and other stories, he activated a “Deadman Switch” before release of Epstein cover-up footage. [1] (Basically meaning that the story was going to break, whether he was killed or not).


ABC was guilty of burying news they didn't like, which means they are no longer journalists. Since they aren't trying to fix the problem, and attacking their own process that buried this news, and instead going after the leakers and refusing to offer an on-air commentary on this event, it proves they have no journalistic standards left. (As if they ever had any).


ABC has quite a bit of bias (as demonstrated by the ratings dog that won't die: The View. Another of the most egregious examples was them cancelling a show with great ratings for its time slot: the ironically named, "Last Man Standing". more...

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CBS isn't usually quite as overtly biased as NBC/MSNBC, but they that's like saying he was a polite rapist (of the truth). Still, they have quite a few embarrassing cases, where if they had any journalists running things, or fact checkers, the stories would not have run as they did. And they immediately would have fired some of their reporters that reported such disinformation.


Jeffrey Epstein
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Investment banker, billionaire, friend of the Clinton's, Democrat bundler. Trump kicked him out of Mar-a-Lago for being creepy and went to the police and helped them. Later Epstein was convicted sex offender (for molesting 36 girls that the FBI found, as young as 14), he plea bargained to avoid the charges of sexual slavery. Epstein owned an island nicknamed pedophile island by those who knew him. Bill Clinton rode on his plane (the Lolita Express) a couple dozen times, about half of them without his witnesses, er. secret service detachment. Epstein was arrested again in July 2019 for sex trafficking, where he died in prison on his second "suicide" attempt (3 weeks after his first) while in a Manhattan prison cell.



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