9/11 and the NYT

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NYT Tweet on 9/11/2019 that blames the airplanes for flying into the tower, and killing all those people.

This revisioning and division never stops. The New York Times tweeted on 09/11/2019 that, "18 years have passes since airplanes took aim, and brought down the World Trade Center." It's not just a stupid gaffe to blame the airplanes instead of the people or ideology that did it, it reflects a long history of intentional revisionism by the New York Times. Under twitter blowback, they removed the tweet (without apology or a firing of the person responsible). [1]. Again, imaginary unity. In reality it is the left against History, Facts and America.

There were 3 basic leftist conspiracies: A friend quipped were the planes just flown by "Foreign Exchange Students"? Showing the absurdity of the left's underselling the vicious intent on this.

My quip is that even if they avoided the truth of saying Islamic Radicalism, because that truth, like most truths, is considered offensive in leftist circles -- they could have just broadened the cause to collectivism/tribalism/self-righteousness, I'd be fine. But of course, any of those might encourage the editorial staff into self-reflection, and they couldn't have that.


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