2020.01.30 Live Action Banned

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A pro-life organization (Live Action) has done Journalism by exposing abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood. Journalism and facts that expose abortion groups was considered “violating community guidelines" for the Chinese controlled social media platform TikTok, so Live Action was perma-banned for telling uncomfortable truths (despite over 21,000 followers).

The high crime they committed? They were posting testimonials of women sharing personal stories of chosing life over abortion, and what it meant to them.

Meanwhile, TikTok had no problems with such videos as a student slapping, shaking (and presumable killing) a mock baby fetus to demonstrate a “DIY abortion.”[1]

TikTok is a Chinese-owned (ByteDance) version of VideoTwitter -- where you can upload short videos (3-60 looping videos). Since the App is highly popular, and created with Chinese Government sponsorship and regulatory rules, it has been called a "national security threat to the West", especially amongst armed services personnel because it can convey location, image and biometric data to its Chinese parent company, which is legally unable to refuse to share that data to the Chinese government.



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