2020.01.24 Genocide Warning

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The National Socialists coined "The Big Lie" -- a lie so audacious that no one will believe you could be saying it, if it wasn't true. (And usually it's more true about you/your side than the other side). When Newweek gets an "expert" (Trans-Activist Brynn Tannehill) to claim that Trump will"facilitate atrocities against minority groups"... based on what?

  • "themes and patterns" that she never identified
  • in "economically struggling nations where living standards are falling" only ours aren't
  • and that Trump is "repeatedly accused of various forms of racism" but an accusation isn't guilt or evidence of anything other than the bias of the people making the claim. * Tannehill mentions anything that makes others "unworthy of empathy" is evidence of that... and skips over the part where Democrats and their media regularly do that to Conservatives, Trump and Trump supporters. Like she does in this very piece far more than anything Trump has done or said, but she offer no examples to be discredited.

This isn't News, this is hate speech wrapped in propagnda. Which means Newsweek/Brynn is guilty of that which they are accusing the other side: E.g. The Big Lie™

A magazine that fell from mediocrity into the annals of incompetent partisanism. Once semi-reputable Newsweek started making supermarket tabloids embarrassed with articles like the following...



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