2020.01.03 Russian Prank of Maxine and Greta

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Maxine Waters was pranked by Russian trolls with a fake call to Greta Thunberg about how the Fake Climate Activist had dirt on President Trump. Anyone with a triple digit IQ would have seen through advocating for the protection of the fictitious "Chon-Go-Chango" islands, and went on to imply all sorts of nefarious things Trump said to Scoldilocks. Unfortunately, nobody has accused the Hypocrite from Southern California of having a triple digit IQ, so she gobbled it up and tried to setup a meeting to create another mock scandal.

Maxine Waters
Mad Max(ine) is one of the dumbest, nastiest, foul, racist, divisive, opportunist and most corrupt voices in Congress. People will claim that I'm just using ad hominem's, but each of those claims is demonstrable. If there's any issue vaguely related to race (or just being divisive and vitriolic), she'll be there embarrassing her party, race and species... like Nancy Pelosi but with less tact or class. Her wheel might still be spinning, but the hamster is dead.


Greta Thunberg
A clueless girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and the FakeNews/left activists and their media treat it like it's a significant event. It's child abuse. Greta Thunberg is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane ) that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents), to the point of raging over things that aren't science and she has no fucking clue about. She's the voice/image of the radical "Global Climate Strike" crowd, so the media/far-left is using her like the Cartel (Human Traffickers) use any other teenage girl. Twitter is blocking people (Avi Yemini) for challenging her dogma with the facts. Her school and parents failed her into become like any cult victim / zealot. But her nasty little eco-fascism theology proves that there's still plenty of evil in the world, as demonstrated by those that set this mini-fanatic on us, and expect us to take her seriously.



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Written by: Ari Sabouni 2020.01.04