2019.12.02 YouTube reduces Free Speech

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcick bragged on 60 minutes (to Lesley Stahl) that YouTube put an army of 10,000 censors on finding and eliminating, "Controversial Content", and through judicious use of the thought police (both real and scripts), they cut viewership of what they considered unworthy content by 70%. Of course her phrasing was slightly different, that was the gist. There's little doubt that filtering some of this objectionable content is a win, nor that some of what they're calling "Controversial Content" is just things that don't fit their party line. Which is the real question: why does a proxy government get to decide what is worthy or not, through a completely opaque and un-auditable system with a history of rejecting Americanism, Conservatism, while still being completely tolerant of leftist racism (Black Lives Matters, Eugenics through Planned Parenthood) and intolerance (anti-2A and pro-gun control)?

YouTube (a division of Google) has a specially abusive place when it comes to the world of selective censorship - that only seems to apply to truths liberals hate to hear.
  • PragerU's was suppressed/censored (silently), with no evidence offered that anything they have said it wrong, untrue, or racist. They do expose misleading beliefs of the far left, so that appears reasonable to block or punish them.
  • YouTube went on a crusade against guns, first you couldn't sell guns, then promote guns, and so on. They terminated gun parts channels, like Brownells. They're inventing laws and changing terms that are against the spirit of our constitution.
  • As part of an NYT Expose by Project Veritas (James O'keefe), they caught the NYT editor Nick Dudich explaining how he was using friendships and coordination with YouTube (Earnest Pettie) to manipulate social media to intentionally influence the news. YouTube was being a tool of evil, to work against a free election.

Every company has a right to decide who they support or not. But the problem is Google/YouTube PRETENDS to be an open platform (and community service). Yet, they're not doing what they advertise. If they openly admitted in their policies that they're a left-of-center advocacy site that will censor center/right positions at will, then at least that would be honest. more...


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