2019.10.10 Trump, Obama and DACA

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PolitiFact (and Poynter Institute) have always been DNC water-carriers masquerading as objective journalists. This is an example of it:

  • Trump tweets that Obama admitted DACA wouldn't hold up to Court Scrutiny, and if the Supremes uphold it, it give Presidents all sorts of new powers. [1]
  • PolitiFaked tried to cover by Clinton'ing the definition of "is", and pretending Obama didn't say what he said, or that Trump wasn't correct. [2]
  • WaPo reporter and PolitiFact, point out that PolitiFact is wrong, as PolitiFact's own site (prior correction) admitted that Obama did say exactly that... 22 times. [3]

PolitiFact still hasn't corrected or apologized for trying to correct Trump for saying something they previously defended as true.


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