2019.08.31 MetroPCS Philly, PA

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Hoodie wearing armed thug (name withheld) goes into a SW Philly Metro PCS store and attempts to rob the place, but the Conceal and Carry Employee (name withheld) pulls his own gun, and unloads into the Hoodie-Thug, ending a criminal career. The theoretical question is, "why'd you shoot him 10 times", and the answer appears to be, "that's all the gun holds". Another service for humanity provided by a Good-guy with a gun.


📚 References

Good guys with guns
The news never likes to talk about GGWG's (Good Guys with Guns), and the many, many more cases, where responsible adults save lives, using guns. This is just a small sampling of the millions of DGU's (Defensive Gun Uses) that happen each year.