2019.07.18 Driven out of Student Council

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UC Berkeley Student Government had a symbolic bill opposing a Trump era Title 9 status change of transgender folks (they had to declare as their born gender for purposes of Title 9). Isabella Chow represented Christians on Campus and opposed parts of the bill because they collided with her Christian beliefs. So over 100 students showed up the next week and demanded she was driven out over those beliefs, in the name of tolerance and inclusiveness. She decided to stay despite harassment, and took a stand.

As usual, the Christians are saying, "I love you, will respect you... but that doesn't mean I have to approve of every cause you believe in, or approve of all your actions". The left considers that intolerant. And considers tolerance to be shouting them down, bullying them out, or attacking the other side for their hateful beliefs, that don't actually hate anything. And hate more looks like the lefts version of tolerance.


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