2019.04.16 Shapiro labelled Alt-Right

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WaPo published a couple articles that imply Ben Shapiro, is alt-right (or linked him to famous racist Richard Spencer). Ben is a devout Jew, and been one of the leading critics of the alt-right... and the feeling was mutual. If WaPo had journalists or fact checkers, they'd feel shame.

To be fair, this was just a plagiarizing The Left-Wing Economist, which did the same thing first 2019.03.28 Labelled Ben Shapiro Alt-Right. This means that WaPo doesn't get to fein ignorance, since this caused blowback just a couple weeks ago. Either they're ignorant of The Economist and Ben Shapiro, and shouldn't be writing on the topic, or they knowingly did this.

Shapiro's crime, such outrageous tweets on the burning of Notre Dame Cathederal (in Paris) as, "Absolutely heartbreaking. A magnificent monument to Western civilization collapsing.", and "...a central monument to Western civilization, which was built on the Judeo-Christian heritage." I mean how dare he?! Of course WaPo implied that "Western civilization" was a call to attack Muslims, because he never mentioned them, nor has he been a proponent of anti-Islamic sentiment and certainly not violence in the past.

Media Matters replied to Ben Shapiro's complaint about the mislabelling with, "Fuck you and the burro you rode in on", showing where WaPo gets their marching orders. (Or at least the maturity of their allies). WaPo is like news for those who don't care about the actual facts, and just want to rage against the right.


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