2019.04.15 Emoluments

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After AOC said she could, "reach in a bag and pull so many things out" to impeach Trump, she was pressed, and hemmed and hawed. She came up with emoluments... something the President is virtually exempt from, and a federal judge already dismissed back in December.[1] (Strike 1). Number 2 was tax fraud, something there's been no evidence of at all, but the Clinton foundation was guilty of (they had to re-file). (Strike 2). She was baited with Russia, but said emoluments would cover that since it was a pay-for-play scheme. (the Clinton's did pay-for-play in Russia, Trump did not). (Foul-tip). Finally, her last answer? The census. How dare the President want all Americans counted (including Illegal Immigrants), for that he deserves to be impeached on a high crime? (Strike 3). A friendly interviewer, a puff piece question, on a topic she's been cawing about for over a year, and she can't come up with a single valid answer in 4 tries. The Latina Maxine Waters.


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