2019.03.22 Germany Reneges again

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After failing to contribute their fair share for decades, Germany promised to start ramping up their defense requirements to be part of NATO. Then a few months later, they're cutting defense spending and promising to fall short of contributing half as much as the U.S. does for their defense. Actions have to have consequences. Either they go, or we go, is the right answer to this. We are in this for Europe and to help for their stability, and we're doing 71.7% of the lifting. If they think we'll never leave, then they'll never behave responsibly. So time to leave. Actions must have consequences.

The goal isn't to destroy NATO. The Europeans have already done that. The goal is to restore it, or create a new agreement with countries that share our interests and willpower. If you don't pay taxes, you shouldn't get a vote. But if it does crumble, I guess it has to be.


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