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The State of the Union speech was a little late (thanks to Nancy's shutdown), but it got delivered. Trump took the high road, Nancy/Dems took the lower one. Trump got a 76% approval, and higher ratings that 2018 or Obama, on a longer and deeper speech [1]. But FakeNews NBC called it a "Theater of the Absurd". And the Fake FactCheckers at NYT, Politico, NPR and WaPo all proved their bias in their counter-factuals.[2]

The Speech

The speech covered a lot of points and was long, with varying degrees of success. But remember if you want to anger a Republican, tell them a lie. If you want to piss off a Democrat, tell them the truth. Nancy was pissed, playing with her dentures, and reading from some papers she brought just to show contempt and disinterest for the cameras (in the spirit of bipartisanism). That will play well for the far left, but I think the rest of the nation will get the dems contempt, loud and clear. A little order munging (as he intro'd and then later came back to some topics), but here's the topics covered:

Domestic Policy:

  • Calls on unity and to end stalemate and make progress. No different than Obama, Bush or Clinton did, except he has far more justification with the dems "resist the republic" position. The Dems/Press hated his better delivery, because Trump.
  • Infrastructure - which I disagree with. That should be the job of the states.
  • Healthcare - reduce costs (instead of ACA's over doubling of them).
  • Talked about WWII veterans, Astronauts and Heroes, to get the cloud pumped about the good Americans do.
  • End partisan fake investigations (that haven't found anything)
  • Stop blocking judicial nominations -- something the Dems love to do.
  • Pass legislation with more transparency in drug/insurance pricing, and throwing in some more money for AIDS/HIV research, Childhood cancer, as sweetens to the legislation.
  • School Choice & Paid Family Leave
  • Barbs against NY's barbaric 4th trimester abortion law that Democrats cheered. Instead asking congress to ban abortion at viability.
  • We will never be a socialist nation

Touted achievements:

  • 600K manufacturing jobs (after Obama said they were gone forever and never coming back). 340K jobs last month alone (double expectations).
  • Rising wages
  • 5M taken OFF food stamps (instead of Obama's adding 11.6M to SNAP)[3]
  • Double the GDP growth as when he took office.
  • African American, Hispanic, Asian and disabled American unemployment at all time low. Highest labor participation in history. We also need to work on problem with anti-semitism (cue story of heroes stopping Jewish massacres and Holocaust survivor). Not exactly sound like a racist the media pretended he was.
  • Massive tax cuts for the working folks, small businesses, and estate taxes (that the media had lied about and said only helped the rich).
  • U.S. now #1 producer of Oil and natural gas, net energy exporter -- all things Obama had resisted.
  • They passes legislation on Farm Bill, VA reforms and accountability, and Criminal Justice Reform. (Cue the victim of over-aggressive sentencing: Alice and her new life on the outside). And talk about more reforms in the future to reduce the injustice on African Americans. (So much for Trump the racist canard).

Foreign Policy

  • Fair trade -- which isn't the protectionism the media has been selling the gullible. Just the ability to reflect back the anti-American-Trade practices back on any country that does the same to us, to protect American workers from UNFAIR competition.
  • He went into China later, with how China behaves poorly. Also NAFTA that he helped re-negotiate as USMCA, and get better terms. And his USRTA (US Reciprocal Trade Act -- to allow us to tax them back at whatever rates they tax us).
  • Secured $100B increases from NATO, and wants to increase military spending, and why we dropped out of a Nuclear Treaty that the Russian were violating anyways (so much for being Putin's Puppet FakeNews).
  • End foolish wars -- seek peace
  • Broke ISIS, got us out of Syria
  • Working to finalize getting us out of Afghanistan
  • Got us out of bad deal with Iran, working to get a better one.
  • Talk of North Korea and progress made, and more coming (Feb 27th meeting)
  • Venezuela -- he was a leader in recognizing the election corruption and human rights abuses by the Maduro regime.


  • There is a crisis on southern border. Made the moral/ethical plea to stop aiding (by obstructing) the drug and human/sex traffickers on our southern border, and gave out facts and stats that will never convince the left of anything, since they care more about politics than human suffering:
  • 1 in 3 women is sexually assaulted while coming north because we have an open border
  • Smugglers use migrant children as pawns/cover
  • 10's of thousands of innocent Americans are killed by drugs smuggled though those open borders
  • MS-13 is in 20 states, uses those routes, and murders innocents (like happened the other day), as are countless others. (Cue victim stories)
  • ICE made 266,000 arrests of CRIMINAL aliens, charged with 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 murders. (Cue hero legal-immigrant turned ICE agent, and his record).
  • Explain common sense: that walls drive illegals to other areas or means, and slows the rates and aids agents wherever they exist. (With examples of where it worked before: San Diego, El Paso, etc).

Ended on a high note of jingoism and cooperation towards the common goal of making America Great (Choosing Greatness).

Leftist reporters were crestfallen, they recognized that it was a good speech that was bipartisan and unifying and covered ground, that their Fake FactCheckers wouldn't find much to argue against, and anything they said would look petty and trite. Even the Women-in-white (protesting Democrat Women) had to applaud many of his pro-women points. And that the Democrats would look petty by working against American interests and this President.... and cue the rebuttal which proved it. [4]

We'll see if it gets anywhere. His ideas do align with polls and Americans, but not the left and Press, who will do logical gymnastics to try to pretzel the truth. But his ignoring the Press and going to the people is pointing out that fear of the media may be overblown. They can fool some of the Democrats all-of-the-time, but not the majority of the public forever. And the majority of the rational public can concede that while his form isn't always the best, his function and goals are usually in a better direction than the alternative.

FakeNews FactChecks

Breitbart (and others) did journalism by fact-checking the fact-checkers[5]. The right enjoys mocking the hypocritical rantings of the leftist media trying to be fair, and proving their values (hypocrisy and double standards), with paraphrased examples like:

  1. NYT claiming "We didn't create 5.3M new jobs... it was 4.9M + 300K in January"
  2. NYT "Immigration is not a crisis just because a record number of families are crossing (buried way down in the article). Why 20 years ago, the total number was worse, right before Bush declared it a national crisis and sent troops to the border".
  3. NYT "Yes, illegal immigration went down 91% in SD after we built a wall and increased border security, but that wasn't ALL because of the wall!"
  4. NYT "Trump lied by saying we've been fighting in the Middle East for almost 19 years, it's actually been 18 years, and that's only 94% of 19 -- and 94% isn't what almost means"
  5. WaPo goes full pedant with, "Trump lied when he quoted Doctors Without Borders claiming 1 in 3 women making the illegal trek are 'sexually assaulted'... because the wording the women used was they were 'sexually abused'"... yeah, big fucking difference there.
  6. Politico one-ups WaPo with, "Trump said 1 in 3, and it's actually ONLY 31%, which is 2 percentage points away from 1 in 3".
  7. NPR isn't going to spend our money to lie to us any less, they go with fact checking something the President didn't even say. Trump said we have more women in congress than ever before. NPR retorts, "that might be true, but he mislead since most are Democrats".... after places like NPR and other FakeNews far-left outlets attacked and undermined Republican Women Politicians out of office (like their respectful treatment of Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann). They left out the last part, of course.
  8. NYT and Politico's Annie Karni tries to fact Check with attacking Trump because he said "some Dachau survivors thought American Soldiers/Liberators were sent from Heaven", her retort was "Jews don't believe in Heaven"... only to have Rabi's and others say, "Yes we fucking do!"... and nearly 50% of Dachau was filled with political prisoners of other denominations, you clueless ditz. That's what passes for their best and brightest journalist to work the WhiteHouse beat?
  9. CNN picked 19 nits (some mentioned above), but their strongest one was Trump claiming if not for him, we'd be in a war with North Korea. You can't fact check an overstated opinion, you dolts, because can't prove he's wrong -- unless you to all the other possibilities in the multiverse and none of them lead to war. On the bright side, I'm sure in at least one of them, CNN was a respected News outlet.
  10. WaPo whined about Trumps complaints about “ripping the baby from its mother’s womb!” (wrt NY's 4th Trimester Abortion law), by claiming that since a Doctor is pretending it is medically necessary (in contrast to science and logic that says birth at that point is easier/safer than abortion for both mother and child), and the baby will be taken out one piece at a time, that it's not really ripping it from her womb... it's more vivisecting it from her womb. What a great defense: it's not torture, it's enhanced interrogation.


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