2018.10.03 Cruelty is the point

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If you want an example of the blatant partisan bias (and the stupidity) of the The Atlantic, this article, "'The Cruelty Is the Point: President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear'" is a perfect example. The fact that a staff writer could submit this without being immediately fired, let alone that it would be published, ends any pretense as a credible publication. This attack on Trump on their supporters is devoid of historical accuracy and does what it accuses the other side of: demonizes the opposition. Can you ever imagine them running the corollary about how we know that minimum wage, sensationalize racial divisions, or calling the other side bad names shuts down progress and polarizes us, so the left does it because they are vicious assholes? If you can't, then it proves my point that the Atlantic is not a serious publication, but a hate pamphlet for the DNC.


The appropriately names Adam Sewer.... or wait, it's Serwer, but his style reminds me more of the former:

  • It talks about African-American History and child-size slave shackles, the bright red robes of the wizards of the Ku Klux Klan, the recordings of civil-rights protesters being brutalized by police. It forgets to mention those were virtually all Democrats doing it and the Republicans was founded on ending Slavery.
  • They accused Trump of ethnic cleansing (I shit thee not), for saying trying to make a deal with Democrats on DACA, which the Democrats refused. They forgot to add the last part.
  • He talks about broken families due to DHS/ICE immigration policies... that were passed under Clinton, and enforced more under Obama. And then omits the part where it is Democrat policies that attract more people to face family separation and paying drug cartels to human traffic (and rape or kill them on the way), because the Democrats don't want to fix the policies that let them in by breaking our laws. Again, either doesn't know that basic context, or chooses to lie to his rubes/readers.
  • It complained of the President pointing out that Christine Blasey Ford is a non-credible witness, among a litany of false accusations, because the Democrats fear Constitutional Judges like Kavanaugh. Again, without the pertinent context and spinning it as hate against Women, instead of hate against the Constitution.

He concludes with a complete frothing at the mouth delusion that Trump (and his supporters) believe America is the "birthright of straight, white, Christian men, and his only real, authentic pleasure is in cruelty". Trump, who had the first openly Gay Male speak at his convention (Peter Theil), who has never had a problem with gay men as far as we know, the guy whose daughter married a Jew who Is his closest advisor, the man known for many philanthropic deeds and won various civil rights awards over his life for his charity, and hundreds of other examples of that. His only motivation could be pure hate?

Either that, or the Atlantic is doing what psychologists refer to as projection. Something this extreme and extremely off can't get through by accident, so pick one.


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