2018.09.06 Corey Booker, "I am Spartacus"

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Booker risked his career by knowingly breaking Senate rules and releasing confidential Committee documents on the Supreme Court nominee, while accusing Kavanaugh of having something to hide. Booker called this is "Spartacus" moment. Oh, the documents were already cleared for public release, and approved for releasing: no rule breaking, no possibility of him getting 2/3rds to vote him out if he had, just grandstanding. And they were a nothing burger. 🗣️

Sparticus was a slave in the 1st century Roman empire, who consistently defies the law and leads other slaves in a revolt that initially proves successful. I'm not sure how that relates to a fake politician grandstanding, but Booker has delusions of grandeur.

Booker tried to claim the lack of information was evidence of his guilt and that this whole hearing was a sham, “The fact that there is nothing in the document that’s personal information, there’s nothing national security-related, the fact that it was labeled as committee confidential, exposes that this process, sir, is a bit of a sham.” It was a sham, but not for the reason or in the direction that Booker tried to grandstand on.

Pretending faux civil disobedience that really isn't civil disobedience, all to appeal to far left extremists, without actually taking any risks? Somewhere Saul Alinsky is smiling down on the empty chair that is Booker. 🐎💺


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