2018.08.11 Debate with the unarmed

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AOC said that Republicans were afraid to debate her. So Ben Shapiro offered $10,000 to debate her. She accused his response of being sexism (like "catcalling"). In response to her gender card, he played the Jew card, but alas, it went over her head like a steering wheel on date night.

Cynthia Blondie Gallagher responded to her on twitter (a bit mocking), β€œThis Just In: Ocasio-Cortez said today that she will reconsider Shapiro's $10,000 offer to debate her if he doubles it to $15,000.” And Twitter banned her, like they do most conservatives. Not because what she said broke any rules, but she told uncomfortable truths to those that only like comforting lies.

Another said, "I thought strong women could stand up for themselves and hold their own in any situation...apparently @Ocasio2018 isn’t one of them."

I don't begrudge her wanting to get out of a battle of wits with anyone into the triple digit IQ range... but I do have a problem with igno-bitches playing sexism card as a way to cover for the fact that they are a coward (and know they'd be eviscerated in a debate).


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