2017.12.09 Crowd Tweet

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WaPo Reporter (Dave Weigel) tweets photo mocking Trump's Pensacola, FL rally... but his photo was hours before Trump arrived.

The upside is that Weigel fixed it quickly (2 hours), and seemed sincerely contrite, and apologized, sent out a correction tweet and did all the right things. So while it is a fuck-up that you'd never see Weigel or others at WaPo do to Hillary/Obama, and was obnoxious hyper-partisan gloating -- he did seem horrified that he misreported something. So half credit: he doesn't appear sorry for being a partisan douchebag part of FakeNews (and jabbing at Trump), but he was about being a bad reporter.

This is slightly compounded by the glee reporters took in downplaying Trump's crowd sizes (especially compared to Obama's), so this was an intentionally inflammatory tweet. But I don't agree with Trump that the Reporter should be fired. He was being a dick, but he was sincere in not intending on being dishonest. And I'll take an honest polemic as an improvement over most of WaPo's staff.


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