2017.05 James Comey Firing

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For 6 months the media and Democrats had demanded the firing of James Comey. Trump waited until an FBI report cited evidence of gross misconduct, and then the AG fired Comey after consulting with Trump. The Democrats and their Media (NYT, WaPo, Politico, CNN, MSNBC), switched sides and screamed that this was illegal, obstruction of justice, proof of Russia collusion, and other things that were all later debunked.

James Comey

What do we know about James Comey?

So the Democrats can hang their hat on what a great, upstanding, career G-man he was. But his time in the sun is almost over: he will be a failed and fired incompetent and corrupt politico that was working in D.C. and did more to harm the FBI reputation than any other man in history. Except maybe Mueller, and the Democrats that supported them for their political agenda (of undermining the Nation, as long as Trump was in charge). more...