2017.04.27 ACLU sues Hospital to end religious liberty

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Gender Re-assignment is a complex issue. The ACLU decides that if a Hospital rejects performing a non-medically necessary female genital mutilation procedure (hysterectomy on a trans person), that they should sue into putting political correctness over medical ethics.


Should the government AND ACLU force the Catholic Church and Hospitals for perform female genital mutilation (in this case a hysterectomy) for non-medical necessity, because the patient suffers from a mental disorder (gender dysphoria), when it is against church doctrine, and there was plenty of other nearby facilities to perform the same service?

There's a lot of legitimate ethical debate on whether this surgery is the right ethical thing to do.

I lean towards allowing the surgery, even though we know that it has very little positive effects on trans people (they still suffer from their affliction which is of the mind, not body). But no matter which way you come down on how they should be treated -- we're not debating whether it should be outlawed in the state, but whether some doctors and facilities should have the freedom to opt out of performing it. Do no harm means not doing medically unnecessary things -- and so forcing this procedure is forcing harm. So while I agree with letting the patient make this choice, I disagree with forcing Doctors/Hospitals to do it -- for the same reasons they might opt out of removing a nose because the patient thinks it mocks her.

This is pretty cut and dried for a real civil libertarian group: they should be coming down on the side of free will and choice of individuals -- instead the California chapter came down on the side of statism: forcing institutions to only accept the one-true religion of fanatical progressivism and they must perform procedures they disagree with.


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