2016.07.26 Flags at DNC

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Conservative media outlets (like DC) noted that the American flag was conspicuously physically absent on the set of the Democratic National Convention on its first day. Left-of-center Politifact admitted it too. But liberal media went into full-spin mode. Snopes shifted from unbiased fact checker to DNC operative. They "debunked" straw-men: (a) they were on stage in digital form or in the audience on day-2 (no one said they weren't) (b) they showed the flags on stage Day-2 and misattributed to Day-1. Then changed the claim to "on stage at all. Rephrasing the question until the answer is correct, is not fact checking assholes.

None of this changes that they weren't physically there on day-1, and they were all over at the RNC. The DNC hated the bad optics (e.g. the truth leaking out), which is why they had a fit. But Snopes job isn't to talk about the pretty graphics or that the audience was wearing flag shirts or a few were waving them on day-2 (along with Puerto Rico, Palestine, and so on). Someone forgot to put them on stage, or moved them on day-1, and they got called on it. Fact. Finis.

Do I think it's a big deal? No. Doesn't bug me. It was a stupid oversight -- probably some functionary thought they were visually noisy or something, and the Democrats are clueless enough to Americana that they didn't notice or think about it. Not a huge deal to me. Until you try to lie and pretend it didn't happen, then I want to force feed it to you until you choke!


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