2016.07.05 Alton Sterling

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Loving dad, posing with his kids brandishing guns

July, 5th 2016 : Baton Rouge, Louisiana black guy shot.

The Fiction:

  • Race-baiters immediately reported that an innocent black guy, "a hardworking loving father of five", who "scraped together a living selling CD's and DVD's", was held down and shot by two white cops, for no reason. Just another black man abused by an unjust system (in the fools mind anyways), and that's where the gullible stopped listening.

The Facts:

  • Anton was a member of the bloods gang, with a lengthy rap sheet including: assault, battery, sex offender, drugs and weapons charges.
  • He had 5 kids, by a few different women, the first one he impregnated when she was 14 Y/O (he was 20), and he had open warrants because he kept not registering as a sex offender.
  • He owed $25,000 in child support (called a deadbeat Dad if he was white).
  • The police were called because he was threatening people with a gun, while illegally selling bootleg CD's and DVD's. You could hardly find a more upstanding member of the community.
  • When the cops got there, they tried to arrest him, he resisted, and they got him to the ground, and were trying to subdue him.
  • Cue video: he's struggling while having a weapon: (never a good idea). One cop puts his gun to Anton's chest and says 'if you don't stop, I'll fire". Anton struggles anyways, may have gotten his hand on his gun, as the other cop says, "gun gun", and the cops fire.
  • The same identical event happened before (only they were able to subdue him), and he was sentenced to 5 years prison time, and didn't learn.
  • As a felon, Sterling is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm, so he was committing the crimes of having an illegal weapon, resisting arrest, previously brandishing a weapon (the fact that he had the weapon implies the call saying he was brandishing it as likely true), and doing so while armed and the cops are trying to arrest you, is functionally suicide by cop.


Rather than suing the city, I think the cop should be able to sue his family for the pain and suffering caused by having to kill some thuggish failure at life, in an act that made the average IQ of his community go up by some measurable amount.

If you took race out of it, and it was a white or asian guy that had that rap sheet, was a known gang member, had an illegal weapon, was resisting arrest and fighting with the police while armed, and the cops thought for a nanosecond that he was going for his gun, is there anyone reasonable that thinks he wouldn't have been shot? Only the BLM crowd.

But the illiteratti ran around making this part of the "no justice, no peace" thing. And if the cops hadn't of stopped him, and let him continue his rampage, the same folks would have screamed that the Police ignored crime in their part of town, and it was proof of racism as well.

Rap Sheet Summary

  • 9/09/96 – Aggravated battery
  • 10/31/97 – 2nd degree battery
  • 1/06/98 – Simple battery
  • 5/04/00 – Public intimidation
  • 9/20/00 – Carnal knowledge of a juvenile
  • 9/04/01 – Domestic violence
  • 5/24/05 – Burglary of an inhabited dwelling place
  • 7/11/05 – Receiving stolen things
  • 9/12/05 – Burglary of inhabited dwelling place
  • 3/17/06 – Simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery
  • 4/12/06 – Aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry
  • 4/04/08 – Domestic abuse battery
  • 6/03/09 – Resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent
  • 10/12/09 – Illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession
  • 8/13/15 – Failure to register as a sex offender
  • 4/08/16 – Failure to register as a sex offender
  • 6/14/16 – Ecstacy and marijuana possession