2014.06.12 Hillary not left enough for the Atlantic

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In "Comparing Hillary Clinton to Russ Feingold, Whose Record Is Better?" the Atlantic would think that Hillary's problem is that she's not left wing enough for the Dems. And in a way they're right, she's an old and incompetent opportunist, that was too unethical for the Watergate Investigation -- but is now in the middle of the Democrat Party? That says something. It's something sad, but it's something. To borrow the key quote (from a friend), "Democrats can tell themselves it's inevitable that their nominee will be a Patriot Act-supporting, mass-surveillance-enabling hawk who opposed gay marriage throughout the years when it mattered most, still favors the death penalty, and would re-enter the White House having cozied up particularly close to Big Finance. That doesn't say much for their party."


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The Atlantic
The Atlantic is a far-left Newspaper (not by ideology, just by bias), that occasionally lets a good article or two through, and even rarely has some diversity of thought. I had some hope when they hired the prolific conservative intellectual, Kevin Williamson, away from the National Review. But like so often happens in sheep flocks, they fired him for thoughtcrime of having once written a pro-life article -- while they defend authors that wrong complete fabrications that fit their far-left Anti-American narratives. You can agree or disagree with their editorial position of being a far-left propaganda pamphlet, just don't try to deny that's what they have become when the evidence of their bias is so blatantly overwhelming.