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While it is a little stale (2013) and things changed after a few more liberal editors and the 2016 election, Snopes does do a reasonably good enough job at debunking the easy and non-political stuff. Even if they miss on a few, or are slow to correct others. At least for the skeptical libertarian.

So there are those that investigate Snopes quality and find it good enough, or that they're perfectly willing (at least occasionally), to debunk liberal bias as they are of conservative bias, and that many of the complaints against snopes are a bit overstated. I'm a little harsher.

  1. I think their Obama fawning was obvious in more than a handful of articles, and it got worse over his terms.
  2. Even if they had a many dozens where they were fair to conservatives, they had more than a handful where they were not. And as they scaled, they haven't managed it well.
  3. A few on staff seem to be open Pants Suit Nation members (Hillary fans), and a few appear to be TDS sufferers (Trump Derangement Syndrome). So maybe they were good enough for 2013.

As their standards have dropped, their responsibilities and impact have increased. Google, Facebook and others, are using them to filter junk news from the real news, or effect rankings -- and they just don't have the chops for that kind of stuff. While I'm fine with them as a casual fact check site, I'm terrified of them as the thought-police for the Internet. And with the partisan lefties on their staff, I assume they're going to decay over time.


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