2012 Hawaii (Big Island)

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Another Hawai'i get-away, this time to the Big Island in March. We were in Kona (the Dry side), but did a drive around the Island (and saw the Lava and the Wet Side). With some hanging out at the pool or water with a Mai Thai.

Big Island

The dry side of the big Island is either Lava Landscape or a resort, with some lush areas. The wet side, much more lush.

To do's

My story with the Mai Thai's the first day by the pool, is I got one, and I was casually watching her pour... and thinking, "that can't all be clear/white rum... it has to be a mix", because she kept pouring that while adding other stuff. I sipped it, and it tasted fine. So I nursed the thing to empty over the next 15-20 minutes while reading, and got up to pee, and just about fell onto my face. I'd skipped from buzzed to hammered, and had to concentrate to walk a straight line. I "walked" back to the room, in a blurry haze of warmth and affection.


Nice Room


Story of us
Story of 25 years together, my wife and I. Photos, trips and stories. (This is about how long we've been together, not just married).