2011 Coast to Roseville

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For our Anniversary (Aug), we did a drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay, drove to Sausalito, and then Roseville. We ate at Michelin-starred Cafe Gibraltar in Half Moon Bay and tried Johnny Garlic's. Just an extended weekend get-away.

This was sort of an eating tour:

  • Café Gibraltar was fantastic, they did a warm hummus that was to die for. And everything else we ate let us know they earned their Michelin Star... but alas, we visited again later. But when we tried again, they had shut down, reminding us about the temporary nature of everything on this planet.
  • We tried Johnny Garlic's, which was started with Guy Fieri of TV/Food Channel fame, and it was nice, but we had totally been spoiled by Café Gibraltar. We also tried their other Restaurant at some later date Tex Wasabi's it was also on the high end of mediocre. Better than a Chili's, Red Robin or things like that, but both seemed a bit on the expensive side of those high-mid caliber small chains.


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