2010 Mazda CX-7 (2008)

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When the Infiniti came off-lease, I needed to pick something up. I was in frugal mode, and needed something fairly quickly. The CX-7 had good reviews, was similar to what I was driving in size (not luxury), and was affordable, so I found a low-milage used one, and bought it cash. It was basically the poor man's Infiniti. Not the nicest or worst thing around, and it got me from A->B without too much trouble. I went with silver, again. And Melissa was like "Silver or Blue" you are predictable.

The car was a mix. I only had battery problems with it in the 9 years (other than the maintenance). It handled surprisingly well for an SUV. But the engine made a weird ticking noise they never found the source of. It got lousy milage (14-16MPG), but I was usually only driving it a couple miles at a time. It got in the low 20's on longer trips, when we took them. It had some bad blind spots, due to the slope of the windshield and the C pillar, which earned it some pole swipe scrapes on the sides. (Adobe Garage). There was also a few new noises that the repair guys couldn't find, like grinding in the steering, on sharp turns on cold mornings. So I didn't quite trust the reliability, even though it only failed me once by getting a flat, and making me change a tire.