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Adobe, Inc. - 345 Park Avenue • San Jose, California 95101 - After I left 3M, I decided to do some time in Valley. (Silicon Valley), and work for Adobe. This was going to be a few year gig to fluff up my Resume and move on. But the company stuck and I worked there longer than any other company. (Even consulting companies where I did a few different few year gigs with them).


So we had a company/team offsite in Sonoma. We came up on Sunday, then woke up Monday (2017.10.08) to 8 fires all around us. I got up at 0-dark-30, and did my normal swim and it smelled like someone was using a pellet smoker. But as I was doing my laps, I could taste it, and it was sort of irritating my lungs a little. Then I went back to my room and watched the news while getting dressed... we were surrounded by fires, and they were all out of control. Time to get outta dodge... (or Sonoma).