2003 The Upper

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Friends bought a resort Rental Property in the "Upper" (Upper Peninsula, Michigan), we went to visit and help with their Vitamin Business website (May).

A friend (Carole Cooper) had been in Grocery business and their on-line vitamin business (https://seacoast.com) was doing good, so they decided to retire up to the Upper Peninsula doing that, and running a little Bed and Breakfast getaway. They invited me up for a semi-working visit to help with their website and just hand: so Melissa and I took a little jaunt and had a great time.

I helped a little -- but I had a couple CMS's (Content Management System) that I'd written for the Newspapers in Ohio (information archive and retrieval) -- but they were really more about the shopping cart, and I didn't have the time/resources to do that. With them being so far away, and me starting my MBA and getting way busy, we lost touch. GeekPirate.small.png

Story of us
Story of 25 years together, my wife and I. Photos, trips and stories. (This is about how long we've been together, not just married).