2002.10.12 Up-the-butt Bob

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There was a famous Newlywed gameshow story, where a female contestant was asked "what's the strangest place you made whoopee" and she replied, "that'd be up the butt, Bob". The problem isn't that Snopes is wrong today, they found the clip and the article has a lot of backstory. The problem is that they were famously wrong on the story for years. Once they got around to correcting it, they omitted that it was a correction, and seem to have made some effort to scrub the mistake.

I couldn't find the original on internet history sites, Snopes had blocked them(?). So it's hard to show links to the error. My Aunt/Uncle, and some various friends had been on the Newlywed game -- so I was up on the lore. I had seen both the original clip, and the Snopes mistake, and knew they were wrong -- and remember waiting for them to fix it. (It took a while).


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