1991 My 2nd Ferret

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Animals love me. This ferret came up to me, and adopted me.

I found this little one (female) cruising around near my dumpster when I took the trash out at my condo. When I clicked and put my hand down, it came over -- obviously someones abandoned pet. I put up a flyer, but no one claimed it. But I'd had a Ferret for a while before it got away (once before), and I'd learned their quirks.

I think it's cruel to keep them in a cage all the time (they're so curious and energetic), but you can't trust them to roam free around a house. They're only semi litter box trainable, and they chew, explore, and make the most annoying cat look like a saint. So since I was working a lot, I found a friend-of-a-friend that had ferrets (plural), and gave her away to a family that have a few of them, and had time to maintain them and let them play together.

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