1977 Soccer Camp

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I did a soccer camp in the summer of '77, had a good time, made friends.

1977 SoccerCampGroup.jpg Soccer Camp Photo.
1977 Soccer MeClose.jpg Head shot.
1977 Me and Bro.png Me and my brother. (The family resemblance is obvious).

My parents were often trying to figure out how to get rid of me. (It was my charm). So the first half of summer was at soccer camp, that rest was with one of the friends I made, who lived in Silverado Canyon (famous for pot in SoCal, at the time). I went out there and stayed the rest of summer with him and his mom.

Silverado is one long canyon: so we hitchhiked back and forth. In the rural parts we got baked, hiked and explored old mines. In the more civilized areas, we got baked and played roller-hockey. Once school started, he continued the stoner life, but while I rarely partook. Summer was summer break, but school wasn't summer break.